Tuesday, November 27, 2007

RIP KEVIN DUBROW (First two QR albums)

Country: USA
Year: 1978 and 1979
Line-up: Kevin Dubrow (vocals), Randy Rhoads (guitar), Kelli Garni (bass on QRI), Rudy Sarzo (bass on QRII), Drew Forsyth (drums)

Track Listing (Quiet Riot I):
1. It's Not So Funny
2. Mama's Little Angels
3. Tin Soldier
4. Ravers
5. Back To The Coast
6. Glad All Over
7. Get Your Kicks
8. Look In Any Window
9. Just How You Want It
10. Riot Reunion
11. Fit To Be Tied
12. Demolition Derby

Track Listing (Quiet Riot II):
1. Slick Black Cadillac
2. You Drive Me Crazy
3. Afterglow (Of Your Love)
4. Eye For An Eye
5. Trouble
6. Killer Girls
7. Face To Face
8. Inside You
9. We've Got The Magic

Fletchanator's comment: With the death this week of Quiet Riot frontman Kevin Dubrow, I thought it appropriate to pay tribute to the man. It wasn't until Metal Health in 1983 that Quiet Riot hit the bigtime, but before that they put out two solid albums. While there aren't the catchy hits like Cum On Feel the Noise or Metal Health (Bang Your Head), the bonus is that these are the only two QR albums to feature the axemanship of Randy Rhoads (who left to join Ozzy Osbourne, where he became a guitar legend before his untimely death). I'm offering both of the first two albums - I and II - here in one download file. Enjoy!

NOTE: I had uploaded the wrong Quiet Riot album cover for QRI, but have now changed it.


fabio said...

Grande e merecida homenagem que o blog faz esse grande vocalista e sua banda, parabens pelo post, Kevin nunca será esquecido pelos fãs, um abraço Fábio (Brasil)

France said...


QR is not the second album of Quiet Riot, but the four!

vex_voxtone said...

This is a great hommage for Kevin.
R.I.P. Mr.Dubrow

fletchanator said...

Hi france...

It is the first album, but I had uploaded the wrong album art (from the 5th, self-titled album). I've now corrected it.

Nickname unavailable said...

Thank you very much. These albums where never released in the US and only released in Japan. Impossible to buy.