Monday, July 28, 2008

A detour for a moment... to a slice of NWOBHM

This has nothing to do with hair metal or AOR, but I thought I'd add it here anyway in case anyone else wanted to grab it.

Judas Priest is coming to New Zealand in September, and my friend (who's coming to the concert with me) hadn't heard a lot of Priest albums. I had them, so I uploaded a bunch of them to rapidshare for him to grab.

Since they're already on rapidshare, I might as well share them here as well, right? :)

Download them here

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maulars said...

hello my friend great to see you back in your blog in full swing! am seeing the Priest too down here in mexico city, they're coming in october and also the crüe is coming in october 2 greetings my friend.