Monday, May 26, 2008

Pantera - Metal Magic [1983]

Country: USA
Year: 1983
Line-up: Tony Lee Glaze (vocals), Darrell Abbott (guitar), Rex Brown (bass), Vinnie Paul (drums)

1. Ride My Rocket
2. I'll Be Alright
3. Tell Me If You Want It
4. Latest Lover
5. Biggest Part Of Me
6. Metal Magic
7. Widowmaker
8. Nothin' On (But The Radio)
9. Sad Lover
10. Rock Out!

Fletchanator's comment: Before they were one of the biggest groove metal bands of the 1990s, Pantera were an unknown glam band from Texas. This is their small-time debut, with second vocalist Glaze, who would give way to Phil Anselmo when the band changed to a more heavy sound. It's almost hard to believe this is Pantera, but Darrell "Dime Bag" Abbott (RIP) is at his blistering best, shredding up the fret board. You can hear various influences, including Van Halen and KISS, and there's a hint of NWOBHM in there as well. Definitely check this one out!


The Voice Of Stupidity said...

Isn't it amazing how one member of a band can change the whole feel and sound of a band? I remember hearing their original stuff years ago and being disappointed.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to hear the early Pantera material, but have been wanting to for a while...Thanks for sharing!