Sunday, March 27, 2016

2nd Heat - Shreddervision (1994)

Country: Germany
Year: 1994
Line-up: Marcel Robbers (vocals), Kai Braue (guitars), Mathias Gollink (bass), Frank Alper (drums).

Track Listing:
1. Homeless Children 02:41  
2. See the Sun 05:09  
3. Words I Say 04:52  
4. Fuel to the Fire 04:06  
5. The Rain 05:30  
6. Electric Dick 05:22  
7. Shreddervision 04:50  
8. Swallow My Load 04:29  
9. Soul Survivor 05:58  
10.  Stripper! 04:33  
11.  You Smell like Mother 02:51  
12.  F..cked Up Slut Groove    03:06  
13.  Eighty Proof Alert 04:14  
14.  Cyan Eyes 04:47

Fletchanator's comment: With the word "shredder" in the album name, it's quite obvious this is going to be a bit harder than your average hard rock. And it is, bordering on melodic heavy metal with bursts of power metal-esque guitar riffs, while remaining entrenched in hard rock due to the lyrics and vocal harmonies. Despite some ridiculous song titles (Electric Dick? Stripper? F*cked Up Slut Groove?) the songwriting is actually pretty solid.
Information on this band is fairly sparse, but as far as I can tell this was their only album, and the band seems to have faded into obscurity (although they do have a MySpace page with some demos and unreleased songs).
If you like metal-edged hard rock with guitar shredding, ala Steeler or Cacophony, this will right up your alley.

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