Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dirty Looks - Cool From the Wire (1987)

Country: USA
Year: 1987
Line up: Henrik Ostergaard (vocals / guitar), Paul Lidel (guitar), Jack Pyers (bass), Gene Barnett (drums).

Track Listing
1. Cool From The Wire
2. It's Not The Way You Rock
3. Can't Take My Eyes Off You
4. Oh Ruby
5. Tokyo
6. Wastin' My Time
7. Put A Spell On You
8. No Brains Child
9. Get It Right
10. It's A Bitch
11. Get Off

Fletchator's comment: The major label debut of this San Francisco-based band, which never really reached the heights they deserved. Ostergaard's vocals are distinctive and sleazy, and overall this is a good, solid album.

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