Sunday, July 8, 2007

Dirty Blond - Cardboard [1995]

Country: USA
Year: 1995
Line up: Mike Gagliardi (vocals), Eric Palmer (guitar), Joe Perilli (bass), Doug Griffith (drums)

1. Right Here
2. 2 Young 2 Die
3. Cardboard
4. Misery
5. Love At First Bite
6. Window Pain
7. Train
8. On My Own
9. Long Haired Hippy Ass Punk
Just Another Night
Let's Get Wild
Crank It Up
Can't Wait
Super Man
Put Your Hands (In the Air)
Too Late

Request of: ManuelFletchanator's comment: This band is not to be confused with Dirty Blonde (note the e), who I featured on my first podcast, and whose album Passion I put up here on the blog. Dirty Blond put out just the one album, which I have to say features one of the most boring album covers of all time. Soundwise, Dirty Blond are a mix of Skid Row and Every Mother's Nightmare. Just Another Night is a great feel-good anthem, and Window Pain is a good ballad. I can't figure out why my copy has 16 songs, when every reference I can find on the 'net has 10 songs. *Shrug* I dunno. This album is rare though - it sold on eBay for $75 just a couple of weeks ago.

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micksguitar said...

great lp as usual. thanx 4 the share. mick.

dirtyguitarplayer said...

this is not there only album. i actually work with eric palmer the guitar player of this band. he's an electrician now. he's still a really good guitar player and i could try to get his first album on here. i know it featured one of their bigger hits,"let's get wild".

Maff D said...

The last six tracks are from an EP

Eric Palmer said...