Monday, July 9, 2007

Wild Ride - Tension and Desire [1993]

Country: USA/Holland
Year: 1993
Line up: Fred Pieters (vocals), Yori Florentinus (guitar), Toine Van Der Linden (bass), Jan Hartman (drums)

1. If You Don't Want My Love
2. Where Do We Go
3. Steal My Heart
4. Love Will Find Its Way
5. Fool Fool
6. This Time
7. Too Late To Stop
8. Out Of My Dreams
9. Tell No Lies
10. Don't Save Your Love
11. Stop The Fighting

Request of: JCFletchanator's comment: Dutch American rockers Wild Ride released just the one album, Tension & Desire, in 1993. It's melodic, keyboard-oriented hard rock in the style of countrymen Zinatra and 1st Avenue. Pieters reminds me of Mike Tramp from White Lion and Florentinus is a talented axe-slinger. Not a world-beater, but a solid effort.

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