Thursday, December 3, 2015

Reckless - Reckless (1994)


Country: Sweden
Year: 1994
Line-up: Patrik Axelsson (vocals), Robert Monegrim (guitar), Magnus Ostborg (bass), Johan Romert (keyboards), Stefan Orhamn (drums).

Track listing:

1.  Back in Town  4:05
2.  Mirror  3:15 
3.  Livin' Without You  3:19
4.  Give Me Your Night  3:57
5.  Spirit of the Night  4:00
6.  Stay  3:08  
7.  Got You On My Mind  4:52
8.  Get Excited/Rock the Nation  4:13
9.  Liar  4:07
10.  All Their Needs  3:23
11.  Crimes of Passion  3:48
12.  Give Her a Sign  3:57
13.  Can't Reach the Limit  4:08
14.  Living Without You bonus track  3:14
15.  Hot Sweet Lovin' bonus track  3:08
16.  Sally's Rime Give Her a Sign bonus track  0:26

Fletchanator's comment: The only full-length release by Swedish hard rockers Reckless, who offer a very polished sound. The guitar licks are great - this one definitely rocks, while keyboards add some AOR pomp to proceedings. Singer Axelsson has a voice that at times sounds like your typical hard rock vocalist, hitting all the high notes, but then at other times it has a raspy quality to it. Reckless remind me of a lot of other Swedish bands like Treat, Dalton and 220 Volt, with some Bonfire mixed in.
This CD was released by MTM Classix in 2004 and includes three bonus tracks - which are essentially the band's first EP.


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