Monday, December 28, 2015

Zero - From Zero to Hero (1995)

Country: Switzerland
Year: 1995
Line-up: Claudio Schiliro (vocals), Angi Schiliro (guitars), Enzo Butta (bass), David Pisano (keyboards), Diego Rapachietti (drums)

Track listing:
1.  Zerock  5:20
2.  Last of the Teenage Idol  4:16
3.  Waiting for Your Love  5:11
4.  Cryin' Out for Mercy  4:48
5.  No Time for Lyin'  4:44
6.  Space Shuffle  6:03
7.  The One and Only  4:48
8.  Breathless  3:53
9.  Billy Boy  4:29
10.  Eternally Yours  4:45
11.  I Still Want You  6:22
12.  Is This the End  2:59
13.  Cryin' Out for Mercy (Acoustic) (Bonus track)  7:52
14.  Johnny's On the Run (Acoustic) (Bonus track)  5:01
15.  Eternally Yours (Acoustic) (Bonus track)  5:13

Fletchanator's comment: Although formed in Switzerland, Zero was fronted by the Italian Schiliro brothers. This was their only album under the name Zero, but a year prior this line-up had recorded the second of guitar hero Angi Schiliro's solo albums, White Lady 2. A car accident involving singer Claudio Schiliro spelt the end of Zero, which is a damn shame because these guys are awesome! They play a very polished style of melodic hard rock, along the lines of Fair Warning, Jaded Heart and 1987-era Whitesnake, while their catchy ballads sound a lot like Journey. Claudio has a powerful voice and Angi shreds on guitar. Highly recommended!


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