Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Velocity - Impact (1997)

Country: USA
Year: 1997
Line-up: David Victor (vocals, guitar, bass), Chris Dodge (guitar), Pat Torpey (drums)

Track listing:
1.  You Don't Amaze Me Anymore  
2.  Riot Goin' On  
3.  Supernatural Lover  
4.  Julia Ann  
5.  Janine  
6.  She's Been Around  
7.  More Than Tonight  
8.  Love Is Dangerous  
9.  One Minute to Midnight  
10.  Open Road  

Fletchanator's comment: Usually I post albums from the mid-to-late 80s, up to about 93 or 94, but every now and then I will throw in a later album if I think it's good enough. That's definitely the case with this, the debut of American outfit Velocity. They're essentially a one-man band with David Victor handling most of the instruments. Add in Mr Big drummer Pat Torpey on skins and you've got a kickass slice of melodic hard rock/AOR in a time when this kind of music was "out of fashion".
This album rocks from the opening track, You Don't Amaze Me Anymore, with its killer riff, and doesn't let up until the last track finishes. The ballad Janine is another highlight. In terms of sound, I can hear bits and pieces of Whitesnake, Mr Big, Night Ranger and Boston (ironically Victor would end up singing with that band from 2012 to 2014). I really can't emphasize enough how great Victor's voice is! You need this!


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