Monday, July 11, 2016

Lipstik - First Kiss (1990)

Country: Canada
Year: 1990
Line-up: Paul Gala (vocals, guitar), Charles V Rox (guitar), El Cicora (bass), Ange Curcio (drums).

Track Listing:
1. I Want You Want  3:59
2.  You're All I Need  4:35
3.  First Kiss  3:45
4.  Solo Tu 5:21

Fletchanator's comment: Montreal Canada-based four-piece Lipstik were apparently signed to Whitney Houston's management company, but sadly they are a footnote in history despite this EP kicking some serious butt. Originally called Rapid Fire, the band formed in high school in 1986, but despite having the backing of a music giant like Houston, they sadly folded in 1992/93 (aka the coming of the Grungeageddon).
In terms of sound, Lipstik play a brand of slick, tight hard rock that reminds me of a mix of Firehouse and Poison. Paul Gala has a great voice, I wonder what ever happened to him (if you know, let me know!). Of note is the fact that the second of two ballads, Solo Tu, is sang in Italian (all four members are of Italian descent).
With a great sound and look, it's a surprise that Lipstik didn't rise to the success of other early-90s glam bands like Firehouse and Slaughter. Definitely check them out, you won't be disappointed!

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