Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Maxx Warrior - Maxx Warrior (1985)

Country: USA
Year: 1985
Line-up: Carl Snare (vocals), Alton Eddins (guitar), Scott Atkins (guitar), Perry Richardson (bass), Billy Dorey (drums).

Track Listing:

1. High on Metal       4:27
2.  It's Alright  3:15
3.  Taken by Force 4:31
4.  Burning Down the Gates of Hell 5:48

Fletchanator's comment: This is another case of an album that doesn't necessarily fit the theme of this blog, but which I'm posting because of who is in the band and what they would go on to do in the realm of hard rock.
Maxx Warrior, a South Carolina-based traditional heavy metal band, formed in 1980. When they split in the mid-80s, singer Carl Snare was snared (apologies for the bad pun) by two bandmates from a group called White Heat - guitarist Bill Leverty and drummer Michael Foster. Richardson soon joined them and the foursome (with the singer now going by CJ Snare) chose a new name, Firehouse. Together they became one of the most successful glam metal bands of the late 80s and early 90s.
Maxx Warrior's sound is obviously heavier than anything put out by Firehouse, but this EP is a worthy listen for any fans of that band, if only to hear CJ Snare belting out Judas Priest-esque high notes.

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