Wednesday, September 12, 2007

White Trash - Si o Si Que? [1994]

Country: USA
Year: 1994
Line-up: Dave Alvin (vocals), Ethan Collins (guitar), Aaron Collins (bass), Mike Caldarella (drums)

Track Listing
1. 6 Toe Sid
2. Got To Get Away
3. Minor Happiness
4. Young Zombies In Lust
5. SeƱorita
6. Electric Messiah/Leather Priest
7. St. Moondog
8. Pig
9. Come Tuesday
10. Catalepsy
11. 21 Club
12. Find Me Somebody

Requested by: Sandox

Fletchanator's comment: Although they'd gotten rid of the trumpets and other brass instruments that were such a feature of their debut album (see earlier upload on this blog), White Trash returned in 1994 with a continuation of their fast-tempo boogie rock. I can't say this is really to my tastes, but if you like like funk (think RHCP or early Faith No More) mixed with hard rock, topped off with a singer who sounds like the guy from Ugly Kid Joe, this is for you.

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