Friday, August 12, 2016

50SHR #19: Hessian (Maine)



Band: Hessian
Release: Bachelor of Black Arts
Year: 2014
Line-up: Angus McFarland (vocals, guitar), Salli Wason (vocals, guitar), Michael Bryant (bass), Tim Webber (drums)

Track Listing:
1. Eyebite 05:34  
2. Old, Wild and Free 03:48  
3. Cloven Lady 05:56  
4. Alchemist's Blessing    06:47  
5. Funeral Disco 03:19  
6. Homonculator 05:51  
7. Une Charogne EN 03:09  
8. Iron Baby 05:05  
9. Witch Road 06:29

Fletchanator's comment: Take one look at the album name and cover art and you can clearly see that this isn't the kind of music that normally fits this blog. Hessian play a style of old school metal that mixes doom elements (Black Sabbath, Baroness) and more traditional metal (Pentagram), but let's just say finding metal bands from Maine is a gruelling task and finding a hair metal band from this state turned out to be a fruitless one. While Hessian's image and overall sound isn't fitting with House of Hairspray, they have enough of a melodic classic rock (think Thin Lizzy) streak to them that I feel somewhat comfortable including them here.
Hessian hail from Portland, Maine in the upper corner of New England and have duel lead singers, one male (Angus McFarland) and one female (Salli Wason). Most of their songwriting pertains to the occult and as previously mentioned their sound deviates between several different sub-genres (Old Wild & Free and Iron Baby are the most melodic hard rock-esque of them). If you like what you hear, support the band by purchasing this album from

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