Monday, August 29, 2016

50SHR #38: April Fool (Pennsylvania)


Band: April Fool
Release: Playin' to Win
Year: 1989
Line-up: Dave Stradling (vocals), George Smith (guitars), Rob Lombardi (bass), Walt Kaye (drums).

Track Listing:
1. Cover Girls
2.  Playin' to Win 
3.  Take Away the Heartache 
4.  Bahama Mama
5.  Help Me Understand 
6.  Next Time Around 
7.  Steppin' Out
8.  Borderline
9.  Sleepless Nights 
10.  Bad Boy Willie
11.  Can't Stop Rockin'
12.  Hey Molly
13.  Chain of Love

Fletchanator's comment: April Fool are yet another example of a good band who gained traction in their home area but never cracked it on the national stage. They came out of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania music scene that also produced Cinderella and Britny Fox - in fact that second band would play a part in the creation and destruction of April Fool.
April Fool was formed out of the ashes of a band called World War 3, which among their members had included both "Dizzy" Dean Davidson and Johnny Dee, who of course would later form Britny Fox. After a number of line-up changes, April Fool recorded a four-track EP in 1988 and began building a strong following in the clubs of the tri-state area. In 1989 they went into the studio to record this, their only full-length album, and things really seemed to be looking good for the band.
This is where Britny Fox comes back into the picture. Later in 1989 Dizzy Dean quit that band and April Fool singer Dave Stradling saw an opportunity to become Britny Fox's new vocalist. He quit April Fool to audition for them, but of course that gig went to Tommy Paris, aka Don Jillson from Jillson. April Fool brought in a new singer but never really regained their momentum and, coupled with the changing music landscape, called it quits in the early 90s.
This is the 2014 reissue of the original cassette-only Playin' to Win with two bonus tracks from the 1988 EP. It's good stuff - glammy hard rock in the vein of Poison and Warrant. If you've never heard this band you need to check them out!

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