Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Blue Tears - Mad, Bad and Dangerous [2005]

Country: USA
Year: 2005
Line up: Gregg Fulkerson (vocals / guitar), Michael Spears (bass), Bryan Hall (guitar), Charlie Lauderdale (drums)

1. Long Way Home
2. Girl Crazy
3. With You Tonight
4. Mystery Man
5. Rock You To Heaven
6. Evidence Of Love
7. Mad, Bad & Dangerous To Know
8. Misty Blue
9. Kisses In The Dark
10. Everywhere I Go
11. Midnight Train
12. Follow Your Heart
13. Russia Tonight
14. Love Machine
15. The Last Serenade
16. Live It Up

Fletchanator's comment: An album from 2005? Doesn't that go against what this blog is all about? Don't worry - the material on this album was recorded for Blue Tears' second album in 1992, but it never got released. Years later, Suncity Records released that material, along with some songs written prior to the band's first album in 1990. This is fantastic AOR which at times sounds so close to Bon Jovi that you'll swear it's Jon singing (check out With You Tonight to see what I mean). Don't miss this one!

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