Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Vinnie Vincent Invasion - Guitars from Hell [Unreleased 1987-1991]

Country: USA
Year: 1987-1991
Line up: Vinnie Vincent (Guitars), Robert Fleischman (Lead Vocals tracks 1-7), Andre LaBelle (Drums), Chris Lee (Bass), Jeff Scott Soto (Lead Vocals track 8), Jimmy Waldo (Keyboards track 8)

Track Listing

  1. Rocks On Fire
  2. Nuke It
  3. Shocker
  4. Invinvible
  5. Truth
  6. Full Shred
  7. Wild Child
  8. Youngblood
Fletchanator's comment: You probably know the story about guitarist Vinnie Vincent, who was in KISS for a short time. After leaving that band he formed Vinnie Vincent Invasion, which released two albums - a self-titled album in 1986 with Robert Fleischman on vocals, and All Systems Go in 1988 with Mark Slaughter (later singer for Slaughter) on vocals. After Slaughter left, Fleischman came back, and the band recorded material for a third album, Guitars from Hell. But the album company went bankrupt and it was never released. This is a bootleg copy of the record, which (as you'd imagine from Vincent) has awesome shredding guitars. As a bonus the last track is from 1987 and has the amazing Jeff Scott Soto on vocals.

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The Voice Of Stupidity said...

I've heard stories about how VV wrecked his own career. Too bad, it would be interested to see how he would have evolved.

serloren said...

Vinnie was fired from KISS not once, but TWICE!

Then thanks to Gene Simmons, he got a great deal with Chrysalis Records and recorded the first Invasion album with Robert Fleischman on vocals, who was replaced by newcomer Mark Slaughter on the second album All Systems Go.

Due to Vinnie being Vinnie (i.e, a world class A-hole) Chrysalis dumped him, and then, KEPT the rest of the band - transferred the remaining 2 albums in the original deal to them - and they added guitar player and named the "new" group Slaughter.

There was NO band when Vinnie worked on this other stuff, just guys who tried to work with him, and couldn't for very long.

ALL of it was self-funded and produced by Vinnie - there was NO record company to "go bankrupt" and stop the release. Vinnie Vincent went bankrupt, AND never filled hundreds of pre-ordered and pre-paid packages for fans (i.e, he owes his own fans thousands of dollars).

Gene & Paul wanted to help him get on his feet again, so they co-wrote a couple songs with him on the album Revenge, and the next thing you know...Vinnie tried to sue KISS (for the third time!!) again - he lost of course.

Since then, he has been nothing but a minor memory, that could have been a big name - he had the songwriting skills and he had the guitar ability to be added to the 80's pantheon of shredders easily...but again, he blew it by driving people away.

There has just never been enough room in any band for Vinnie's MONSTROUS ego.

A waste of talent....

Buffalo Crows said...

Hmmm. Sad.