Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Cry Wolf - Cry Wolf [1989]

Country: USA
Year: 1989
Line up: Timmy Hall (vocals), Steve McKnight (guitar), Phil Deckard (bass), Paul Cancilla (drums)

Track Listing
1. West Wind Blows
2. It Ain't Enough
3. Pretender
4. I Am The Walrus
5. Red Shoes
6. Stop, Look And Listen
7. Face Down In The Wishing Well
8. Wings
9. Long Hard Road
10. Back To You

Fletchanator's comment: Continuing my trend of uploading one-and-out albums is this, the only offering of Cry Wolf. The singer reminds me of the guy from Trixter, while the overall sound is in the league of the likes of Firehouse and Bulletboys. Included on this album is a cover of I Am the Walrus by the Beatles, which is a weird choice for a hard rock band.

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micksguitar said...

great job hope you have a lot more. i have some lps like this that you might like. i'll upload them if you like. contact me at

The Voice Of Stupidity said...

Odd... I have the cassette version of this and I noticed that Pretender is a totally different cut than on your version. The cassette has the version released as their single.

David said...

I must've bought an early release of this CD as mine did NOT have "I am the Walrus" and had a completely different cover.