Monday, May 28, 2007

What should I upload next?

Tell me which of the following you would like to see uploaded - I'll upload according to who wants what first.

- Girl - Sheer Greed [1982]
- Black n Blue - Black n Blue [1984]
- TT Quick - Metal of Honour [1986]
- Roxx Gang - Thing's You've Never Done Before [1988]
- Smashed Gladys - Social Intercourse [1988]
- Cats in Boots - Kicked and Klawed [1989]
- Beau Nasty - Dirty But Dressed Well [1989]
- Britny Fox - Britny Fox [1990]
- Southgang - Tainted Angel [1991]
- Biloxi - Let the Games Begin [1993]

Also, get those requests coming in - I've got a lot of stuff, just ask.


MasterAf said...

hello friend:

Your blog is great thanks for all the good stufff, i was wondering if you have any list of your stuff. If so please email to

Bubba said...

Your Blog is AWESOME!! really like some of the obscure stuff that I haven't heard like Biloxi! keep up the great works!

oh! and I like to see TT Quick I had that on tape or album in the day!

dvdrealm said...

Girl - Sheer Greed [1982]

Not heard anything by this Phil Lewis fronted British Rock band since i owned 2/3 of their albums on vinyl in the mid 80's

Would love to hear them again :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog! I know, I know, "Trick Or Treat" was a lame B horror flick, but I loved it (and its soundtrack) anyway. Couldn't find it anywhere, until now!!!

Then I look a little further, and what do I find, but D'Molls! My band was signed to the same label as them once. Heard a compilation from the label, and thought their song blew away all the other bands (except us, of course!) on that album. Nice to see some of their stuff.

But you know what I can't find for the life of me? Poison. That's right, Poison. Funny that I can find obscure hair bands, but not the obvious ones! The only thing I can find is a recent, sketchy best-of album. If you have any of their stuff, that would be cool! Thanks!

vida said...

have you got Crystal Roxx's album Pass The Buck? really appreciate it if you could upload it. thanks :-)

SanDimasFan said...

I'd love to hear Cats in Boots. It's supposed to be a really good gem from back in the day.

Music is King said...

I am loving your blog. If you could do the Cats in Boots cd that would rock!!