Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hurricane - Take What You Want [1985]

Country: USA
Year: 1985
Line up: Kelly Hanson (vocals), Robert Sarzo (guitar), Tony Cavazo (bass), Jay Schellen (drums)

1. Take Me In Your Arms
2. The Girls Are Out Tonight
3. Take What You Want
4. Hurricane
5. It's Only Heaven
6. Hot and Heavy
7. La Tuna

Fletchanator's comment: This is the debut album of LA band Hurricane . This band has a link with Quiet Riot - Tony Cavazo and Robert Sarzo are the younger brothers of Rioters Rudy Sarzo and Carlos Cavazo. But the real highlight of this album is the awesome vocals of Kelly Hanson - the guy's got great pipes. Expect crisp, melodic hard rock.

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EL CYBER said...

Excelent album, it reminds me the godd times of the true Hard Rock and heavy metal, "Hurricane" and "Take me in your arms" are yet in my mind, through all this years, thanks a lot