Saturday, June 30, 2007

White Eagle - Bustin' Ass [1993]

Country: USA
Year: 1993
Line up: Matthew Black (vocals), Jack Pemma (guitar), Terry Tallerino (bass), Sean Haiker (drums)

Track Listing
1. Sex Fever
2. Take Me For A Ride
3. Time
4. Hot Wet Kiss
5. Love Games
6. Shadow Of Love

Request of: JC

Fletchanator's comment: lists this as No 5 on its Ebay rarities list, with an average cost of $458, so you know this baby's rare. The only album released by California foursome White Eagle, the band put it out on their own label. For an indy release, it's top notch stuff, particularly the ballads Time and Shadow of Love. I don't know anything else about the band, such as what happened to them, except that according to posts on the heavy harmonies forum, guitarist Jack Pemma passed away in 2004.

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Onenoelle said...

Actually it's not the only album released by White Eagle. The only two of the original memembers, Terry Tallerino and Jack Pemma went on to record "The Need to Know" in 1999-2000. Jack Pemma recorded a third album in 2001. The fourth album was never completed as Jack died during the recording.

This is actual information from his widow. :)

Onenoelle said...

By the way, this download is illegal since the family owns the rights to all of these recordings. You cannot charge money for something that does not legally belong to you.

Geno Cuddy said...

Onenoelle, if you own the rights, get off your ass and release the content, cant stand rightsholders who refuse to make content available to the public just because they can, then complain about others who care about letting the public consume the material. If you are going to bitch about it, release it.