Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Jesse Strange - Looking for some Strange [2006]

Country: USA
Year: 2006
Line up: Grant Tibor (vocals), Scott Migone (guitar), Danny Lullie (bass), Paul Trust (drums/keyboards)

Track Listing
1. If Whiskey Was A Woman
2. Looking For Some Strange
3. Boggy Creek
4. Bottom Of The Bottle
5. What's Loving For
6. My Kind Of Lover
7. Wildside Of Heaven
8. The Island Song
9. Another Silent Night
10. It's My Life
11. Sex Is Suicide
12. Revelation

Request of: Kamil

Fletchanator's comment: Florida rockers Jesse Strange released a self-titled album in 1992, and then nothing was heard from them for more than a decade, until last year, when they independently released this album, made up of unreleased material from the early 90s. The sound changes back and forth, as you'd expect for an album made up of material cobbled together, with similarities to Y&T, Trixter and even Enuff Z'nuff.

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Kamil said...

forty-five hundred times(SQ)
you really made me happy.
What do you think, there is my
reason why I hate neopunk and
grunge: Bands as Jesse Strange or Blue Tears (and many others) were sent into hell, because their firms wanted another sound.
I have selftitled Blue Tears and Jesse Strange and I know that the
albums are sssooooo gooood. I can not underestand why their next records from the end of the eighties comes now....
(but better late than never:-)
Thank for you and House of Hairspray

Berry, tanner, lunchbox said...

Killer post, I had no idea they released a second cd.

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