Tuesday, June 10, 2008

YLD - Fools in Paradise

Country: France
Year: 1989
Line-up: Kevin Mellenbruch (vocals), James Bengson (guitar), Sam Lee (bass), Brian Eads (drums)

1. Wild Girls
2. Good Times Bad Times
3. I Need
4. Simple But True
5. The Distance
6. Music Music
7. So Cute
8. Wounded in Action
9. Writing in the Sand
10. Let It Go

Fletchanator's comment: This is the one and only album released by French four-piece YLD. It's straight-forward hard rock with a good beat and average vocals (probably the weakest part of their effort, IMO). Still, how many French hair metal bands do you know of?

Sweet Savage - Archives [2003]

Country: USA
Year: 2003
Line-up: Joey C Jones (vocals), Chris Sheridan (guitar), Laine Sheridan (bass), Randy St John (drums)

1. On the Rocks
2. Do Ya
3. Fox on the Run
4. Head over Heels
5. Breakaway
6. Summer Song
7. Desert Rose
8. Love You Hate You
9. Cut it Out
10. Deja Vu
11. Picture Yourself
12. Prisoner of Paradise
13. Crank It Up

Fletchanator's comment: Archives is the belated CD release of material produced between 1984 and 1989 by one of Hollywood hair metal's best bands you've probably never heard of. In the mid-80s, Sweet Savage were big on the Sunset Strip scene, particularly in Europe, but sadly they split in 89, just when it seemed they were on the verge of breaking out. The lead singer sounds like early Vince Neil and the sound is pure Hollywood glam. The first five songs are studio cuts, the rest are live bootlegs, but it's all good stuff and a must have for serious hair metal fans.