Friday, August 15, 2008

Radio Active Cats - Radio Active Cats [1991]

Country: USA
Year: 1991
Line-up: Shel Graves (vocals), Ian Espinoza (guitar), Ron Maldonado (bass), Michael Graves (drums)

1. Shotgun Shack
2. Hold On Tight
3. Bed of Roses
4. Finger in the Pie
5. Standin in the Rain
6. Love Razor
7. Cry on my Shoulder
8. Think About Love
9. Cheap Mascara
10. Knock Knock
11. Wet Hot Sweat

Requested by: Khairul

Fletchanator's comment: Another one-album band, Radio Active Cats have an interesting sound, mixing a country twang and a hint of blues into hard rock with a fair share of sleazy lyrics. If you don't mind a bit of country with your rock, you might dig this.

Under Fire - Under Fire [2001]

Country: USA
Year: 2001
Line-up: Moki Demarco (vocals), Cary Sharaf (guitar), Greg Wise (bass), Jim Waldo (keyboards), Steve Schwartz (drums)

1. No More Heartaches
2. Crazy for Love
3. Heart in Pain
4. Rolling Down That Road
5. Love You One More Time
6. Hold Out
7. Burning Desire
8. Crossfire
9. Always on the Run
10. When You Feel Lonely

Requested by: Bidyut

Fletchanator's comment: This album, the sole recording by AOR band Under Fire, was recorded in 1988 and released many years later, as seems to be the craze these days (small labels finding obscure hard rock from 10-15 years ago and releasing it now). Featuring the keyboard work of Jim Waldo (from late 70s AOR band New England), Under Fire reminds me of some of Foreigner's 1980s stuff. One for the AOR/keyboard fans out there.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Badlands - Badlands [1989]

Country: USA
Year: 1989
Line-up: Ray Gillen (vocals), Jake E Lee (guitar), Greg Chaisson (bass), Eric Singer (drums)

1. High Wire
2. Dreams in the Dark
3. Jade's Song
4. Winter's Call
5. Dancing on the Edge
6. Streets Cry Freedom
7. Hard River
8. Rumblin' Train
9. Devil's Stomp
10. Seasons
11. Ball and Chain

Fletchanator's comment: Badlands were something of a supergroup, featuring future and past members of KISS (Singer), Black Sabbath (Gillen) and Ozzy Osbourne's band (Lee). Don't expect anything sounding like those bands though. On this, their first album, Badlands kick ass with a slice of blues-influenced hard rock, very reminiscent of Led Zeppelin with a hard rock twist. Sadly Gillen died in 1993 - he had a great voice. Jake E Lee is a fantastic guitarist, and Singer's solid on the skins. If you don't already have this one, trust me, you need it!

Babylon AD - Babylon AD [1989]

Country: USA
Year: 1989
Line-up: Derek Davis (vocals), Ron Freschi (guitar), Danny DeLaRosa (guitar), Robb Reid (bass), Jamey Pacheco (drums)

1. Bang Go the Bells
2. Hammer Swings Down
3. Caught in the Crossfire
4. Desperate
5. The Kid Goes Wild
6. Shot O' Love
7. Maryanne
8. Back in Babylon
9. Sweet Temptation
10. Sally Danced

Fletchanator's comment: Oakland, California's Babylon AD were another hair metal band that never got the recognition they deserved. This is their impressive debut, with some great rocking tunes (Bang Go the Bells, Hammer Swings Down, Shot O' Love) and an above-average ballad (Desperate). Derek Davis had one of those great gravelly voices, at times reminding me of Jeff Keith from Tesla.