Friday, December 21, 2007

Blonz - Blonz [1990]

Country: USA
Year: 1990
Line-up: Nathan Utz (vocals), Steve Taylor (guitar), Dennis Ogle (guitar/keyboards), Michael Fandino (bass), Aaron Tate (drums)

Track Listing
1. Miracles
2. Hands Of Love
3. It's The Same
4. Trouble Child
5. What's On Your Mind
6. One And Only
7. Rainbow
8. Skintight
9. Last Call (For Alcohol)

Request of: Mel

Fletchanator's comment: Another band with a lot of potential that was never realised was Blonz. This album was produced by a couple of guys from 70s prog rockers Kansas, and some of the songs were written by the likes of Joe Lynn Turner and the singer from Fierce Heart. After Blonz split, Utz, Taylor and Ogle formed Chaingang. I would compare the Blonz sound to Bon Jovi with Tesla's Jeff Keith on vocals. It's good stuff. Check it out.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

War Babies - War Babies [1992]

Country: USA
Year: 1992
Line-up: Brad Sinsel (vocals), Tommy McMullin (guitar), Guy Lacey (guitar), Shawn Trotter (bass), Richard Stuverud (drums)

Track Listing
1. Hang Me Up
2. In The Wind
3. Cry Yourself To Sleep
4. Sweetwater
5. Sea Of Madness
6. Blue Tomorrow
7. Satellite
8. Death Valley Of Love
9. Big Big Sun
10. Killing Time
11. Care (Man I Just Don't)

Request of: Thomas

Fletchanator's comment: The only album released by this Seattle band, who were fronted by former TKO vocalist Brad Sinsel. Their sound can best be compared to Cinderella - it's blues-infused hard rock with a gravelly-voiced lead singer. Not quite at the level of that legendary band, but good stuff nonetheless.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dangerous Toys - Dangerous Toys [1989]

Country: USA
Year: 1989
Line-up: Jason McMaster (vocals), Scott Dalhover (guitar), Danny Aaron (guitar), Mike Watson (bass), Mark Geary (drums)

Track Listing:
1. Teasn', Pleasn'
2. Scared
3. Bones In The Gutter
4. Take Me Drunk
5. Feels Like A Hammer
6. Sport n' A Woody
7. Queen Of The Nile
8. Outlaw
9. Here Comes Trouble
10. Ten Boots (Stompin')
11. That Dog

Request of: Kevin

Fletchanator's comment: I've already uploaded their second album on here, and now here's the debut effort. Dangerous Toys were from Texas but had their own brand of LA-style sleaze rock, which got them a degree of fame in the late 80s and early 90s. I like this album better than the follow up. Highly recommended.

Concrete Jungle - Wear and Tear [1988]

Country: USA
Year: 1988
Line-up: J.C. Ryan (vocals), Chris Young (guitar), Marc David (bass), Michael X (drums)

Track Listing
1. Ride On The Line Of Love
2. How Can Love Just Fade Away
3. Nobody Moves
4. When I'm Gone
5. Wear And Tear
6. Great Balls Of Fire
7. Ladies Of The Night
8. Sweet Missy
9. Between The Lines
10. Cuts Like A Knife
11. Hand Over Fist
12. One Nighter

Request of: Sergio

Fletchanator's comment: Another one-album-and-out hair metal band, Concrete Jungle were a hard rock four piece from New York City. This, their only album, is a slice of groove-laden rock in the style of Lillian Axe and Danger Danger.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hanoi Rocks - Two Steps from the Move [1984]

Country: Finland
Year: 1984
Line-up: Michael Monroe (vocals), Nasty Suicide (guitar), Andy McCoy (guitar), Sam Yaffa (bass), Razzle (drums)

Track Listing
1. Up Around The Bend
2. High School
3. I Can't Get It
4. Million Miles Away
5. Underwater World
6. Don't You Ever Leave Me
7. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
8. Boiler
9. Futurama
10. Cutting Corners
11. Two Steps from the Move
12. Don't you ever Leave Me (12 Inch version)
13. Oil and Gasoline
14. Magic Carpet Ride

Request of: Trayce

Fletchanator's comment: Legendary glam rockers who originated in Finland and took the Sunset Strip scene by storm with this, their sixth album overall and first on a major worldwide label. Sadly it was the last album for drummer Razzle, who was famously killed in a car crash in which Motley Crue's Vince Neil was driving. By 1985 the Rocks had split, but they came back a few years ago to tour and record again. This album showcases a band that were true pioneers of LA hard rock, inspiring the likes of LA Guns and GNR. Highly recommended!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Odin - Fight for your Life [1988]

Country: USA
Year: 1988
Line-up: Randy O (vocals), Jeff Duncan (guitar), Aaron Samson (bass), Shawn Duncan (drums)

Track Listing
1. 12 O'Clock High
2. Love Action
3. She Was The One
4. I Get What I Want
5. Serenade To The Court
6. Modern Day King
7. Stranger Tonight
8. Time And Time Again
9. I'm Gonna Get You
10. Push
11. Fight For Your Life

Request of: Jon

Fletchanator's comment: The fourth album by Odin, and the third one I've uploaded here (along with Don't Take No For An Answer and The Gods Must Be Crazy). It's also the last Odin album (not counting a compilation, By the Gods), because singer Randy O left to join Lostboys. More melodic metal than hard rock, Fight for your Life still includes some good glam moments.

Star Star - The Love Drag Years [1992]

Country: USA
Year: 1992
Line-up: Johnnie Holliday (vocals), Jay Henning (guitar), Weeds (bass), Deon (drums)

Track Listing
1. Fly Boy
2. Science Fiction Boy
3. The Love Drag Years
4. Nervous
5. Cowboys In Space
6. Baby Shoulda' Known
7. Groovy Guru Gangster Girl
8. Diggy Dragster
9. Treasure Or Trash
10. My Little Cuisinette

Request of: Trayce

Fletchanator's comment: Another band that only managed one album release before grunge killed this style of music, was New York sleaze rockers Star Star. Their sound is glam rock, with vocals that are dripping with sleazy attitude in the vein of Babylon AD and Faster Pussycat. A definite must for fans of sleaze glam rock.

TNT - Knights of the New Thunder [1984]

Country: Norway
Year: 1984
Line-up: Tony Hansen (vocals), Ronni Le Tekro (guitar), Morty Black (bass), Diesel Scan-Dahl (drums)

Track Listing
1. Seven Seas
2. Ready To Leave
3. Klassik Romance
4. Last Summer's Evil
5. Without Your Love
6. Thor With The Hammer
7. Break The Ice
8. U.S.A.
9. Deadly Metal
10. Knights Of The New Thunder
11. Eddie (bonus track)

Request of: Diego

Fletchanator's comment: The second album by Norwegian rockers TNT, and the first to feature American-born vocalist Tony Harnell (who billed himself as Tony Hansen at the time). This album signified TNT's move away from Viking-themed power metal to groove-laden hard rock (although a couple of songs have Viking lyrics), which would reach a peak with their next recording, Tell No Tales. There are some great hard rocking tunes on this album and it's worth it just for Harnell's awesome voice - you should definitely check it out.

Salty Dog - Every Dog has its Day [1990]

Country: USA
Year: 1990
Line-up: Jimmi Bleacher (vocals), Pete Reeven (guitar), Mike Hannon (bass), Khurt Maier (drums)

Track Listing:
1. Come Along
2. Cat's Got Nine
3. Ring My Bell
4. Where The Sun Don't Shine
5. Spoonful
6. Just Like A Woman
7. Sim Sala Bim
8. Keep Me Down
9. Heavy Heart (She Comes Easy)
10. Lonesome Fool
11. Slow Daze
12. Sacrifice Me
13. Nothin' But A Dream

Request of: Thomas

Fletchanator's comment: This is the only release by LA rockers Salty Dog. The best way to describe the album is "sleaze blues". Their sound mixes southern rock and LA sleaze to create a sound that's a mix of LA Guns, Bulletboys and Jackyl. Another band that sounds similar is Cats in Boots (another band I'll upload sometime), so if you like them, you'll like Salty Dog.

Andy Taylor - Thunder [1987]

Country: UK
Year: 1987
Line-up: Andy Taylor (lead guitar/vocals), Steve Jones (guitar), Patrick O'Hearn (bass), Mickey Curry (drums)

Track Listing
1. I Might Lie
2. Don't Let Me Die Young
3. Life Goes On
4. Thunder
5. Night Train
6. Tremblin'
7. Bringin' Me Down
8. Broken Window
9. French Guitar

Fletchanator's comment: From the land of bizarre collaborations comes this, the first solo album by Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor, with support from former Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones. The result? A slice of pure AOR/hard rock. Weird, I know, but apparently Taylor had been wanting to make this kind of music for a while, and quit Duran Duran when their musical direction started drifting from what he wanted to perform. Thunder is solid AOR with some harder rock overtones.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Pretty Boy Floyd - Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz [1989]

Country: USA
Year: 1989
Line-up: Steve Summers (vocals), Kristy Majors (guitar), Vinnie Chas (bass), Kari Kane (drums)

Track Listing:
1. Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz
2. Rock n' Roll (Is Gonna Set The Night On Fire)
3. Wild Angels
4. 48 Hours
5. Toast Of The Town
6. Rock And Roll Outlaws
7. Only The Young
8. The Last Kiss
9. Your Mama Won't Know
10. I Wanna Be With You

Fletchanator's comment: These guys often get ragged on for being Poison/Crue ripoffs (they even cover Crue tune Toast of the Town on this album) but they're a helluva lot of fun, so who cares? This is their debut album, which is balls-to-the-wall sleaze rock with catchy guitar hooks and kickass vocals. To me, the best sleaze rock is meant to make you think of cruising down Sunset Strip with a bunch of girls, and that's exactly what Pretty Boy Floyd does. I just love this album. Oh, and in case you're wondering, that's Pretty Boy Floyd that I use as the picture on the main blog page.

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Hi hair metal fans,

You're probably wondering what's up with House of Hairspray, since I haven't been posting for several weeks.

My life is a little crazy right now, but don't worry, House of Hairspray isn't dead. I'll be trying to post a bit more in the near future, and will be getting to all of the requests that have been sent in.

Thanks to those who continue to visit and keep on rockin'!


Sunday, October 7, 2007

Kill City Dragons - Kill City Dragons [1991]

Country: UK
Year: 1991
Line-up: Billy G. Bang (vocals), Steve Von Saint (guitar), Dave Tregunna (bass)

Track Listing
1. I Don't Want (Anything From You)
2. That Ain't No Lie
3. Devil Calling
4. Fastest Way Down
5. King Of The Cats
6. L'il Suzy
7. Stepping Stone

Fletchanator's comment: This was the only album recorded by UK glam sleazesters Kill City Dragons. Formed by American guitarist Steve Von Saint, a veteran of the LA scene who had played with future members of LA Guns and Faster Pussycat. KCD adopted the sound of the LA sleaze bands, with some English hard rock influences. The vocals vary between the raspy style of Tom Keifer/Brent Muscat and a more clean delivery. Nothing great, but it's fairly rare and an above average sleaze rock offering.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Stone Fury - Burns Like a Star [1984]

Country: USA
Year: 1984
Line-up: Lenny Wolf (vocals), Bruce Gowdy (guitar), Rick Wilson (bass), Jody Cortez (drums)

Track Listing
1. Break Down The Walls
2. I Hate To Sleep Alone
3. Life Is Too Lonely
4. Don't Tell Me Why
5. Mama's Love
6. Burns Like A Star
7. Tease
8. Hold It
9. Shannon You Lose

Requested by: Fish

Fletchanator's comment: Before he was in Kingdom Come, Lenny Wolf (possessor of without a doubt one of the best voices in hard rock, bar none) was in Stone Fury. This was his first band after coming to LA from Germany, and it's good stuff. This is the first of two studio albums Stone Fury put out, and possesses the moderate hit Break Down the Walls. Stone Fury isn't as polished as Kingdom Come, with a rawer sound, but KC fans will love this.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Trixter - Hear! [1992]

Country: USA
Year: 1992
Line-up: Peter Loran (vocals), Steve Brown (guitar), P.J. Farley (bass), Mark Scott (drums)

Track Listing
1. Road Of A Thousand Dreams
2. Damn Good
3. Rockin' Horse
4. Power Of Love
5. Runaway Train
6. Bloodrock
7. Waiting In That Line
8. Nobody's A Hero
9. Wild Is The Heart
10. What It Takes
11. As The Candle Burns
12. On The Road Again

Requested by: Henk

Fletchanator's comment: The follow up to Trixter's self-titled 1990 debut, Hear! continues in the same vein, with song after song of saccarine melodic hard rock. I don't rate it as highly as the debut, but that could be because I know the debut like the back of my hand, having thrashed it in the early 90s. This effort I'm not as familiar with, but on the few listens I've given it, it's a solid effort. If you know the debut you know what to expect. If not, expect to hear something resembling Warrant and Firehouse.

Download (NEW LINK NOV 2015)

Angel - Sinful [1979]

Country: USA
Year: 1979
Line-up: Frank Dimino (vocals), Punky Meadows (guitar), Felix Robinson (bass), Gregg Giuffria (keyboards), Barry Brandt (drums)

Track Listing
1. Don't Take Your Love
2. LA Lady
3. Just Can't Take It
4. You Can't Buy Love
5. Bad Time
6. Waited A Long Time
7. I'll Bring The Whole World To Your Door
8. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
9. Wild And Hot
10. Lovers Live On

Requested by: Pat

Fletchanator's comment: This is probably the oldest album I've uploaded here, and it's technically not "hair metal", it's more "pomp rock". But it was requested, and it does have a tie-in to hair metal in that Angel eventually transformed into Giuffria (due to other original band members objecting to Greg Giuffria using the band name Angel in 1984), and Giuffria put out two awesome AOR/hair metal albums. But here you get to hear Giuffria and his bandmates in full classic rock mode, similar to Cheap Trick or early Boston.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Child's Play - Long Way [1993]

Country: USA
Year: 1993
Line-up: Tommy McRae (vocals / guitar), Nicky Kay (guitar), Idzi (bass), John Allen (drums)

Track Listing
1. I Can't Believe
2. Long Way
3. Foolish Pride
4. Kind Of Life
5. Never Make It On Time
6. Keep On Tellin' Me…
7. Woman
8. Wind (Live)

Requested by: Justin

Fletchanator's comment: With Tommy McRae's smooth vocals replacing Brian Jack's raspy singing after the debut album, Long Way marked the second and last offering by these Baltimore boys. Long Way is average bluesy hard rock, kind of like a poorer version of Great White.

Download (NEW LINK JULY 2016)

White Trash - Si o Si Que? [1994]

Country: USA
Year: 1994
Line-up: Dave Alvin (vocals), Ethan Collins (guitar), Aaron Collins (bass), Mike Caldarella (drums)

Track Listing
1. 6 Toe Sid
2. Got To Get Away
3. Minor Happiness
4. Young Zombies In Lust
5. SeƱorita
6. Electric Messiah/Leather Priest
7. St. Moondog
8. Pig
9. Come Tuesday
10. Catalepsy
11. 21 Club
12. Find Me Somebody

Requested by: Sandox

Fletchanator's comment: Although they'd gotten rid of the trumpets and other brass instruments that were such a feature of their debut album (see earlier upload on this blog), White Trash returned in 1994 with a continuation of their fast-tempo boogie rock. I can't say this is really to my tastes, but if you like like funk (think RHCP or early Faith No More) mixed with hard rock, topped off with a singer who sounds like the guy from Ugly Kid Joe, this is for you.

Download (NEW LINK NOV 2015)

Bandit - Tuff 'n Dirtee [1992]

Country: Germany
Year: 1992
Line-up: Bernd Mader (vocals), Chris Kolb (guitar), Dave Chow (bass), Andi Nitsch (drums)

Track Listing
1. Sound So Good
2. Slut Groove
3. Bad Beat Boogie
4. Down Town Riot
5. Damn Pretty
6. Backseat Shuffle

Requested by: Justin

Fletchanator's comment: I don't really know too much about this one, other than the band is German and this indie release is the only album they ever put out. The sound is run of the mill party rock, with some good guitar hooks. The vocalist is the weak point, but if you look past that it's listenable at least.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Steelheart - Steelheart [1990]

Country: USA
Year: 1990
Line-up: Michael Matijevic (vocals), Chris Risola (guitar), Frank Di Costanzo (guitar), James Ward (bass), John Fowler (drums)

Track Listing
1. Love Ain't Easy
2. Can't Stop Me Lovin' You
3. Like Never Before
4. I'll Never Let You Go
5. Everybody Loves Eileen
6. Sheila
7. Gimme Gimme
8. Rock n'' Roll (I Just Wanna)
9. She's Gone
10. Down n' Dirty

Requested by: Goatlord

Fletchanator's comment: I know, this isn't exactly "rare", but it was requested, and is definitely a must-have for any hair metal collection. Singer Michael Matijevic is simply one of the greatest hard rock singers ever, with a range that is second to none (of course you already know that he was the voice of the band Steel Dragon in the movie Rockstar). This is Steelheart's debut and best, IMO, with incredible songs like She's Gone, Sheila, Can't Stop Me Lovin' You and I'll Never Let You Go. If you don't already have this, you need it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Darxon - Shout! [1992]

Country: Germany
Year: 1992
Line-up: Massimo De Matteis (vocals), Frank Dielewski (guitar), Thomas Hanscheidt (guitar), Ingo Geiger (bass), Jan Yildiral (drums)

Track Listing
1. On The Run
2. Walk In The Shadows Of Madness
3. Dancing Undercover
4. Waiting For Your Heart
5. Shout!
6. Down And Dirty
7. Don't Think Twice
8. White Line
9. Heart Of Stone
10. Down By The River

Requested by: Eldoopa1

Fletchanator's comment: The album cover may look like that of a death metal band, but don't be fooled - Germany's Darxon is a hard rock band who play a brand of guitar-oriented, hook-laden rock in the style of Dokken or Firehouse. It's good stuff - check it out!

Roxx Gang - Things You've Never Done Before [1988]

Country: USA
Year: 1988
Line-up: Kevin Steele (vocals), Wade Hayes (guitar), Jeff Taylor (guitar), Roby Strine (bass), David James Blackshire (drums)

Track Listing
1. Scratch My Back
2. No Easy Way Out
3. Race With The Devil
4. Red Rose
5. Live Fast, Die Young
6. Too Cool For School
7. Ball n' Chain
8. Fastest Gun In Town
9. Nine Lives
10. I Need Your Sex

Fletchanator's comment: The debut of Florida rockers Roxx Gang, who went on to put out a string of albums right up until the 2000s. This is middle of the road hard rock - the singer's voice isn't anything special and the songwriting's nothing to write home about. Still, there's plenty of energy and most of the tunes rock. Kind of like a less-talented cross between Faster Pussycat and Bulletboys.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Various Artists - California Metal [1987]

Country: USA
Year: 1987

Track Listing:
1. Barren Cross - Deadlock
2. Gardian - Marching On
3. Neon Cross - I Need Your Love
4. Hero - I Surrender
5. Deliverance - A Space Called You
6. Mastedon - Wasn't It Love
7. Gardian - Spiritual Warfare
8. Deliverance - Attack
9. Hero - Sing It Out
10. Neon Cross - Son of God

Fletchanator's comment: Now, I'm not a Christian, and this is Christian rock. But if you look past the lyrics and inspiration for the music, you'll get good ol' 80s hard rock. The sound varies from NWOBHM-esque to keyboard-oriented AOR, but most of it is in the guitar-driven hard rock range. This compilation was the first of five put out by Regency Records.

Foxx - Gangster of Love [1993]

Country: USA
Year: 1993
Line up: Rick Bostique (vocals), Marty Smilek (bass), Kevin Tipton (guitar), George Stallings (drums)

Track Listing:
1. Gangster of Love
2. Almost There
3. Shot of Your Love
4. Dont Say Goodbye
5. The Heart Is Won
6. Fire It Up
7. Devils Dance
8. I'll Be There in Time
9. Roxy
10. Heartbeat in a Heart

Fletchanator's comment: The only album by midwest rockers Foxx (not to be mistaken for a band by the same name that released an album called The Grand Finale in 1995), this is poppy melodic rock in the style of Trixter and with elements of Danger Danger.

Adam Bomb - Grave New World [1993]

Country: USA
Year: 1993
Line up: Adam Bomb (vocals/guitar), Jimmy Crespo (guitar), Phil Feit (bass), Sandy Slavin (drums)

Track Listing
1. Johnny In The Sky
2. Rock Sex City
3. Doin' The Business
4. Hug Me 'Til Ya Drug Me
5. Sister Enemy
6. Grey
7. Hang It Up
8. Magenta Sky
9. Airport Called Sad
10. Down The Hole
11. Can You Hear Me?
12. Don't Look At My Eyes
13. A Pretty Price
14. Killer Machine

Fletchanator's comment: Adam "Bomb" Brenner played with TKO and Steeler, and even auditioned for KISS while a teenager. His own Seattle-based band, Adam Bomb, put out a string of albums in the 1980s and 90s, including this 1993 effort. 1993 in Seattle wasn't exactly a good time for glam metal bands, but Grave New World bucked the trend.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Brighton Rock - Take a Deep Breath [1989]

Country: USA
Year: 1989
Line up: Gerry McGhee (vocals), Greg Frazer (guitar), Stevie Skreebs (bass), Johnny Rogers (keyboards), Mark Cavarzan (drums)

Track Listing
1. One More Try
2. Hangin' High And Dry
3. Can't Stop The Earth From Shaking
4. Outlaw
5. Ride The Rainbow
6. Rebels With A Cause
7. Power Overload
8. Who's Fooling Who
9. Unleash the Rage

Request of: MauFletchanator's comment: The follow up to the excellent "Wild Young and Free" isn't quite as good, but is still a great album by one of Canada's premiere hard rock acts. A good mix of rocking tunes and sing-along ballads.

Download (NEW LINK NOV 2015)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Knightshade - Knightshade [1995]

Country: New Zealand
Year: 1995
Line up: Wayne Elliott (vocals), Rik Bernards (guitar), Simon Garlick (guitar), John Bell (bass), Alan Grady (drums)

Track Listing
1. Top Dog
2. Keep Trying
3. You Don't Need Me
4. Heart of Stone
5. My Kind of Woman
6. The Physical You
7. Hate You in the Morning
8. Television Eyes
9. Blood and Money
10. Out For The Count
11. Million Dollar Love
12. Summer Insanity
13. Last Night in the City

Fletchanator's comment: Here is an extremely rare treat for you, my loyal blog readers. In fact, this is about the only album I'll upload to this blog that I can guarantee you won't be able to get anywhere else. In the 1980s, Knightshade were the hottest hard rock/hair metal band in New Zealand. This album is their "best of" collecting songs from between 1985 and 1995, and it's not available outside of NZ, and is even rare in this country. Singles such as "Blood and Money" and "Out For the Count" were big hits here back in the day, but my favourite tracks are the ballads "Last Night in the City" and "You Don't Need Me". Knightshade is straight-forward, guitar-orientated hard rock. Enjoy!

Download (NEW LINK NOV 2015)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Faster Pussycat - Faster Pussycat [1987]

Country: USA
Year: 1987
Line up: Taime Downe (vocals), Greg Steele (guitar), Brent Muscat (guitar), Erik Stacy (bass), Mark Michals (drums)

Track Listing
1. Don't Change That Song
2. Bathroom Wall
3. No Room For Emotion
4. Cathouse
5. Babylon
6. Smash Alley
7. Shooting You Down
8. City Has No Heart
9. Ship Rolls In
10. Bottle In Front Of Me

Request of: RaikkuFletchanator's comment: Faster Pussycat almost breaks my rule about not uploading "major" hair metal bands, but since it's the debut album and not their huge hit, Wake Me When It's Over, I'll let it slide. This album is pure, unadulterated LA glam metal, in the vein of LA Guns, GNR and the like. The song Cathouse, named after a club singer Taime Downe owned in LA, is the kind of sleaze anthem you could imagine playing in a Sunset Boulevard strip club back in the 80s, and there are plenty more solid songs on the album.

Download (NEW LINK NOV 2015)

KIX - Blow My Fuse [1988]

Country: USA
Year: 1988
Line up: Steve Whiteman (vocals), Ronnie Younkins (guitar), Brian Forsythe (guitar), Donnie Purnell (bass), Jimmy Chalfont (drums)

Track Listing
1. Lite, Green Lite, TNT
2. Get It While It's Hot
3. No Ring Around Rosie
4. Don't Close My Eyes
5. She Dropped Me The Bomb
6. Cold Blood
7. Piece Of The Pie
8. Boomerang
9. Blow My Fuse
10. Dirty Boys

Request of: Scott LullFletchanator's comment: I remember buying this album on cassette in '88 and loving it. KIX had put out three albums prior to this, but Blow My Fuse was their first big success. The ballad Don't Close Your Eyes got plenty of radio and video play. From Steve Whiteman's great voice to the echoey drums and Def Leppard-esque guitaring, KIX were awesome. If you like KIX, check out Steve Whiteman's other band, Funny Money too.

Download (NEW LINK NOV 2015)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lillian Axe - Love and War [1989]

Country: USA
Year: 1989
Line up: Ron Taylor (vocals), Stevie Blaze (guitar), Jon Ster (guitar), Darrin DeLatte (bass), Tommy Scott (drums)

Track Listing
1. All's Fair In Love And War
2. She Likes It On Top
3. Diana
4. Down On You
5. The World Stopped Turning
6. Ghost Of Winter
7. My Number
8. Show A Little Love
9. Fool's Paradise
10. Letters In The Rain

Request of: Scott LullFletchanator's comment: The follow-up to 1988's self-titled debut (which you'll find elsewhere on this blog) sees Lillian Axe continuing to put out great straight-forward hard rock in the vein of Def Leppard. I would go so far as to say that this release blows away the debut, with fantastic songs like Ghost of Winter, Show A Little Love and Diana.

Download (NEW LINK NOV 2015)

Vain - No Respect [1989]

Country: USA
Year: 1989
Line up: Davy Vain (vocals), Jamie Scott (guitar), Danny West (guitar), Ashley Mitchell (bass), Tom Rickard (drums)

Track Listing
1. Secrets
2. Beat The Bullet
3. Who's Watching You
4. 1000 Degrees
5. Aces
6. Smoke And Shadows
7. No Respect
8. Laws Against Love
9. Down For The Third Time
10. Icy
11. Without You

Request of: RaikkuFletchanator's comment: San Fransisco glamsters Vain had a minor hit with Beat the Bullet when they released this, their debut album, in 1989. Their teased hair look was pure glam, and singer Davy Vain had a swagger about him, and on top of that was a great songwriter. This is a seriously underrated album by a great band.

Download (NEW LINK NOV 2015)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Roxx - Outlaws, Fools and Thieves [2004]

Country: USA
Year: 2004
Line up: Joey D'Angeli (vocals), Franky Novello (guitar), Randy Ferri (guitar), Mark Scovran (bass), Marko Socolli (drums)

Track Listing
1. What's A Boy To Do?!
2. Tell Me
3. Rockin Horse
4. Towing The Line
5. Give Up Your Heart
6. Pint Of Blues
7. Mr. Mean
8. In The Groove
9. Shy Away
10. Ball & Chain
11. Turns To Gold
12. In The Groove (Remix)

Request of: MauFletchanator's comment: This was released in 2004, but is made up of material recorded by New York glamsters Roxx. If you downloaded the other Roxx album I put up on this blog, you'll know what to expect. If not, expect a rawer version of Motley Crue and Poison.

Download (NEW LINK NOV 2015)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Back to normal

Hi guys,

Yes, things have been very slow over the last two weeks. I've been busy at work, and on top of that we had some wild weather a week ago, and we were without power for a few days.

I've got a LOT of requests to fill, and I'll be starting very soon. Look for things to get back to normal in the next couple of days.

Thanks for all of your support!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Every Mother's Nightmare - Every Mother's Nightmare [1990]

Country: USA
Year: 1990
Line up: Rick Ruhl (vocals), Steve Malone (guitar), Mark McMurty (bass), Jim Phipps (drums)

Track Listing
1. Hard To Hold
2. Bad On Love
3. Love Can Make You Blind
4. Dues To Pay
5. Lord Willin'
6. Ez Come, Ez Go
7. Walls Come Down
8. Listen Up
9. Long Haired Country Boy
10. Nobody Knows

Request of: RaphaelFletchanator's comment: I've already uploaded the 1992 album, Wake Up Screaming, to fill a request, and now here's the debut album of this bluesy groove band, to fill another request. It's a solid effort, enjoy!

Download (NEW LINK NOV 2015)

Monday, July 9, 2007

Spread Eagle - Spread Eagle [1990]

Country: USA
Year: 1990
Line up: Ray West (vocals), Paul DiBartolo (guitar), Rob De Luca (bass), Tommi Gallo (drums)

Track Listing
1. Broken City
2. Back To The Bitch
3. Switchblade Serenade
4. Hot Sex
5. Suzy Suicide
6. Dead Of Winter
7. Scratch Like A Cat
8. Thru These Eyes
9. Spread Eagle
10. 42nd Street
11. Shotgun Kiss

Request of: MattiasFletchanator's comment: A sleazy glam rock band from New York, Spread Eagle managed to put out two albums (one more than most bands of the era, huh?). They're like the East Coast answer to Sunset Strip glam metal, ala GNR, LA Guns etc. The singer has a great voice, mixing together the sound of Axl Rose and Sebastian Bach in one powerful set of vocals. Kind of ironic then, that bassist De Luca toured with Bach on his solo tour last year. Like your rock sleazy? Like Skid Row and GNR? Then check this one out for sure.

Download (NEW LINK NOV 2015)

Wild Ride - Tension and Desire [1993]

Country: USA/Holland
Year: 1993
Line up: Fred Pieters (vocals), Yori Florentinus (guitar), Toine Van Der Linden (bass), Jan Hartman (drums)

1. If You Don't Want My Love
2. Where Do We Go
3. Steal My Heart
4. Love Will Find Its Way
5. Fool Fool
6. This Time
7. Too Late To Stop
8. Out Of My Dreams
9. Tell No Lies
10. Don't Save Your Love
11. Stop The Fighting

Request of: JCFletchanator's comment: Dutch American rockers Wild Ride released just the one album, Tension & Desire, in 1993. It's melodic, keyboard-oriented hard rock in the style of countrymen Zinatra and 1st Avenue. Pieters reminds me of Mike Tramp from White Lion and Florentinus is a talented axe-slinger. Not a world-beater, but a solid effort.

Download (NEW LINK NOV 2015)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Dirty Blond - Cardboard [1995]

Country: USA
Year: 1995
Line up: Mike Gagliardi (vocals), Eric Palmer (guitar), Joe Perilli (bass), Doug Griffith (drums)

1. Right Here
2. 2 Young 2 Die
3. Cardboard
4. Misery
5. Love At First Bite
6. Window Pain
7. Train
8. On My Own
9. Long Haired Hippy Ass Punk
Just Another Night
Let's Get Wild
Crank It Up
Can't Wait
Super Man
Put Your Hands (In the Air)
Too Late

Request of: ManuelFletchanator's comment: This band is not to be confused with Dirty Blonde (note the e), who I featured on my first podcast, and whose album Passion I put up here on the blog. Dirty Blond put out just the one album, which I have to say features one of the most boring album covers of all time. Soundwise, Dirty Blond are a mix of Skid Row and Every Mother's Nightmare. Just Another Night is a great feel-good anthem, and Window Pain is a good ballad. I can't figure out why my copy has 16 songs, when every reference I can find on the 'net has 10 songs. *Shrug* I dunno. This album is rare though - it sold on eBay for $75 just a couple of weeks ago.

Download (NEW LINK NOV 2015)

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Roxx - Diamonds and Rust [1994]

Country: USA
Year: 1994
Line up: Joey D'Angeli (vocals), Franky Novello (guitar), Randy Ferri (guitar), Mark Scovran (bass), Marko Socolli (drums)

1. Breakdown
2. Better Off Dead
3. Too Little Too Late
4. Rockin' The City
5. Lickity Split
6. Rock Steady
7. Puss 'n' Boots
8. Hot Sweet
9. A Girl Like You
10. Ruff Stuff
11. Deep In The Night
12. Kidz Rock
13. For You

Request of: GerardoFletchanator's comment: Man, the word Roxx was popular in hair metal in the 80s. We had Roxx Gang, Crystal Roxx, Cherry Roxx, Foxy Roxx, The Roxx, Sgt Roxx... and just plain Roxx. This album is a collection of demos from 1985 to 1989, so the quality is a bit scratchy in places. Don't let that put you off though, because Roxx is a good-time glam metal band. Singer Joey D'Angeli was in Skid Row for a couple of months, before being replaced by Sebastian Bach. Roxx is a mixture of Poison, Motley Crue and other good glam metal bands. Definitely check it out!

Download (NEW LINK NOV 2015)

Saturday, June 30, 2007

White Trash - White Trash [1991]

Country: USA
Year: 1991
Line up: Dave Alvin (vocals), Ethan Collins (guitar), Aaron Collins (bass), Mike Caldarella (drums)

Track Listing
1. Apple Pie
2. Don't U Judge Me Do
3. Take My Soul
4. Po' White Trash
5. Backstage Pass
6. Lil' Nancy
7. Buzz
8. The Crawl
9. Baby
10. E.D.A.S.E.
11. Party Line
12. Good God
13. Prayer B4 Pizza

Request of: Tim S

Fletchanator's comment: This is one for those who like their hard rock with plenty of funk. After all, it's not every day you find a rock band with a horn section. This line up put out just the one album, before singer Dave Alvin got rid of the horns and put out another straight forward rock album in 1994. The sound on this self-titled release is best comparable to Ugly Kid Joe. It's not my cup of tea, but it was requested, so here it is.

Download (NEW LINK NOV 2015)

White Eagle - Bustin' Ass [1993]

Country: USA
Year: 1993
Line up: Matthew Black (vocals), Jack Pemma (guitar), Terry Tallerino (bass), Sean Haiker (drums)

Track Listing
1. Sex Fever
2. Take Me For A Ride
3. Time
4. Hot Wet Kiss
5. Love Games
6. Shadow Of Love

Request of: JC

Fletchanator's comment: lists this as No 5 on its Ebay rarities list, with an average cost of $458, so you know this baby's rare. The only album released by California foursome White Eagle, the band put it out on their own label. For an indy release, it's top notch stuff, particularly the ballads Time and Shadow of Love. I don't know anything else about the band, such as what happened to them, except that according to posts on the heavy harmonies forum, guitarist Jack Pemma passed away in 2004.

Download (NEW LOOK NOV 2015)

Roughhouse - Roughhouse [1988]

Country: USA
Year: 1988
Line up: Luis Rivera (vocals), Gregg Malack (guitar), Rex Eisen (guitar), Dave Weakley (bass), Mike Natalini (drums)

Track Listing
1. Don't Go Away
2. Tonite
3. Love Is Pain
4. Can't Find Love
5. Love Or Lust
6. Teeze Me Pleeze Me
7. Midnight Madness
8. Without You
9. Justify
10. Racin'
11. Fantasy

Request of: Giulio

Fletchanator's comment: The one and only album released by Pennsylvania five-piece Roughhouse, who were dropped by their label just a year later and folded in 1991. It's a shame, because this self-titled recording is good stuff. Singer Luis Rivera has a vocal style reminiscent of Motley Crue's Vince Neil in the early days (ie Too Fast For Love). The musicianship is solid, with good guitaring. Guitarist Rex Eisen would later join nu metal band Static X, before being kicked out when he was arrested for having sex with an underage girl. Don't let that stop you from enjoying this album though - it's a good listen.

Download (NEW LINK NOV 2015)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Jesse Strange - Looking for some Strange [2006]

Country: USA
Year: 2006
Line up: Grant Tibor (vocals), Scott Migone (guitar), Danny Lullie (bass), Paul Trust (drums/keyboards)

Track Listing
1. If Whiskey Was A Woman
2. Looking For Some Strange
3. Boggy Creek
4. Bottom Of The Bottle
5. What's Loving For
6. My Kind Of Lover
7. Wildside Of Heaven
8. The Island Song
9. Another Silent Night
10. It's My Life
11. Sex Is Suicide
12. Revelation

Request of: Kamil

Fletchanator's comment: Florida rockers Jesse Strange released a self-titled album in 1992, and then nothing was heard from them for more than a decade, until last year, when they independently released this album, made up of unreleased material from the early 90s. The sound changes back and forth, as you'd expect for an album made up of material cobbled together, with similarities to Y&T, Trixter and even Enuff Z'nuff.

Download (NEW LINK MAY 2016)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Dirty White Boy - Bad Reputation [1990]

Country: USA
Year: 1990
Line up: David Glen Eisley (vocals), Earl Slick (guitar), F Kirk Alley (bass), Keni Richards (drums)

Track Listing
1. Bad Reputation
2. Lazy Crazy
3. Let's Spend Mama's Money
4. You Give Me Love
5. Dead Cat Alley
6. Hammer On The Heart
7. Hard Times
8. Soul Of A Loaded Gun
9. One Good Reason
10. Badlands

Request of: Giulio

Fletchanator's comment: Drawing together former Giuffria vocalist David Glen Eisley and guitarist Earl Slick (who has played with such bands as Doro, King Kobra, Little Caesar and with David Coverdale), Dirty White Boy had a lot of hype when they put out Bad Reputation in 1990. Unfortunately they were another victim of the backlash against hair metal in the early 90s, which is a shame, because their only album was a great effort. It has a harder, bluesier edge than Giuffria, while mixing in some great melodic moments.

Download (NEW LINK NOV 2015)

Johnny Crash - Neighbourhood Threat [1990]

Country: UK/USA
Year: 1990
Line up: Vicki James Wright (vocals), August Warchell (guitar), Christopher Stewart (guitar), Andy Rogers (bass), Stephen Adamo (drums)

Track Listing
1. Hey Kid
2. No Bones About It
3. All The Way In Love
4. Thrill Of The Kill
5. Axe To The Wax
6. Sink Or Swim
7. Crack Of Dawn
8. Freedom Road
9. Halfway To Heaven
10. Trigger Happy
11. Baby's Like A Piano

Request of: Mau

Fletchanator's comment: The one and only album by Johnny Crash, a band that featured former Tokyo Blade singer Vicki James Wright. The sound is pure LA sleaze rock in the style of LA Guns and Dirty Looks.

Download (NEW LINK NOV 2015)

H.S.A.S. - Through the Fire [1984]

Country: USA
Year: 1984
Line up: Sammy Hagar (vocals), Neal Schon (guitar), Kenny Aaronson (bass), Michael Shrieve (drums)

Track Listing
1. Top Of The Rock
2. Missing You
3. Animation
4. Valley Of The Kings
5. Giza
6. Whiter Shade Of Pale
7. Hot And Dirty
8. He Will Understand
9. My Home Town

Fletchanator's comment: What do you get when you take a singer from one of the biggest hair metal bands of all time, and the guitarist from arguably the most successful AOR band ever? Well, unfortunately, an end product that isn't as good as either of those bands. But that's not to say that H.S.A.S. isn't worth listening to, because it is. Just don't go expecting something that'll top Van Halen and Journey, because it's not here. Mind you, that's probably impossible anyway.
The abbreviated name stands for Hagar, Schon, Aaronson and Shrieve. The last two aren't big names, but every hair metal/AOR fans will surely know Sammy Hagar (Van Halen) and Neal Schon (Journey). Schon is a vastly underrated guitarist, who gets to show off his axemanship on this album, in a different style than Journey, more hard rock than AOR (especially on Valley of the Kings and Giza). Hagar is a great singer, and that's no different here. Procol Harum's Whiter Shade of Pale makes for an interesting cover, and the best songs on the album, in my opinion are Missing You and the Van Halen-esque Hot and Dirty and He Will Understand. H.S.A.S. was short-lived, with just one album, as Schon went on to play with Bad English, Hardline and later rejoined Journey, while Hagar of course replaced David Lee Roth in Van Halen.

Download (NEW LINK NOV 2015)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Podcast #2

The second House of Hairspray podcast is done, and this one is the Movie Soundtrack edition. I've hand-picked a few hair metal songs from movie soundtracks, most of them from the 1980s. What songs? You'll have to listen to find out!

Download podcast

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mr Nasty - .38 Caliber Kisses [1990]

Country: USA
Year: 1990
Line up: Dee Dee Sweet (vocals), Scott Bittner (guitar), Doug Banx (guitar), Tom Coleman (bass), Monti Monroe (drums)

Track Listing
1. Guns n' Money
2. EZ Action
3. Love Rockit
4. Shakin' The Walls
5. Rag Doll
6. Die My Hare
7. Telephone Line
8. Kandyluv
9. Tame My Tiger
10. Just Too Young To Know

Request of: Rich

Fletchanator's comment: The debut album of New York sleaze rockers Mr Nasty, who sound a lot like Faster Pussycat. Singer Dee Dee Sweet has the same gravelly voice and swagger as Taime Downe, and the sound is the same kind of Sunset Strip sleaze as FP were famous for.
Download (NEW LINK NOV 2015)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Noyz - Noyz [1992]

Country: USA
Year: 1992
Line up: Jason Loud (vocals), Tommy Lee Davis (guitar), Karl Heinz (bass, keyboards), Steve Loud (drums)
1. Texas Prelude
2. Texas Ranger
3. Made It By Rock 'N Roll
4. Bombs Blast
5. Deep in Rock 'N Roll
6. Eye's
7. Ms. Meantreater
8. Vermin 'R' Out
9. Oh' Darling
10. The Butcher
11. Zion

Fletchanator's comment: If you've listened to the first podcast, you heard "Bombs Blast". I honestly don't know too much about this band, other than this was their only album and it's as rare as hen's teeth. The singer sounds kind of like Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister and at times the overall sound is like a cross between WASP and Jackyl.
Download (NEW LINK NOV 2015)

Signal - Loud and Clear [1990]

Country: USA
Year: 1990
Line up: Mark Free (vocals), Danny Jacob (guitar), Erik Scott (bass / keyboards), Jan Uvena (drums)

Track Listing
1. Arms Of A Stranger
2. Does It Feels Like Love
3. My Mistake
4. This Love, This Time
5. Wake Up You Little Fool
6. Liar
7. Could This Be Love
8. You Won't See Me Cry
9. Go
10. Run Into The Night

Fletchanator's comment: The one and only album released by Signal, featuring former King Kobra vocalist Mark Free. They only lasted a couple of years, but this band had a great melodic rock sound, similar to Bad English or Danger Danger. Interestingly, Free has undergone a sex change operation and now records albums as a woman, going by the name Marcie Free. (Note: I played You Won't See Me Cry on the first House of Hairspray podcast)

Download (NEW LINK NOV 2015)

Change to request method

Hi guys,

It's a shame that one idiot had to go and ruin things there for a bit, but the problem was easily solved. I've gotten rid of the comments section, since it's way too easy to abuse.

Instead of putting your requests in the comments section, now you'll need to email them to me at:

Thanks for your support and patience,


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wild Horses - Stand Your Ground [1981]

Country: UK
Year: 1981
Line up: Brian Robertson (vocals / guitar), Neil Carter (guitar / keyboards), Jimmy Bain (bass), Clive Edwards (drums).

Track Listing
1. I'll Give You Love
2. In The City
3. Another Lover
4. Back In The U.S.A.
5. Stand Your Ground
6. Axe
7. Miami Justice
8. Precious
9. New York City
10. Stake Out

Fletchanator's comment: This is old school rock from UK band Wild Horses, the second and last album they put out. Singer Brian Robertson was formerly a guitarist for Thin Lizzy (he played during the band's biggest years, on tracks like 1976's The Boys Are Back in Town). Bassist Jimmy Bain was in Rainbow for a couple of years with Ronnie James Dio and Ritchie Blackmore in the mid-70s. Those two bands - Thin Lizzy and Rainbow - are probably a good reference point for Wild Horses' sound. It's straight forward 70s-style rock.

Download (NEW LINK NOV 2015)

Brighton Rock - Young Wild and Free [1986]

Country: Canada
Year: 1986
Line up: Gerry McGhee (vocals), Greg Frazer (guitar), Stevie Skreebs (bass), Johnny Rogers (keyboards), Mark Cavarzan (drums)

Track Listing
1. Young, Wild And free
2. We Came To Rock
3. Change Of Heart
4. Can't Wait For The Night
5. Assault Attack
6. Jack Is Back
7. Save Me
8. Nobody's Hero
9. Barricade
10. Rock n' Roll Kid

Fletchanator's comment: The debut album from Canadian rockers Brighton Rock, this is awesome from start to finish. These guys did rocking tunes (Assault Attack, We Came to Rock) and ballads (Can't Wait for the Night) equally well, and showed good musicianship all round. If you've never heard Brighton Rock before, you're missing out - get this now!


Dirty Blonde - Passion [1989]

Country: USA
Year: 1989
Line up: Jimmi St. James (vocals / guitar), Kezzy McCafferty (guitar), Ray Riendeau (bass), Brad Williams (drums)

Track Listing
1. I Got The Itch
2. Restless, Young & Wild
3. Passion
4. Sad Teresa
5. (That’s When) Push Comes To Shove
6. Girls Nite Out
7. Hooked On Lovin’ You
8. Hearts On Fire
9. Whiskey In My Veins
10. Ladies In Mercedes
11. Bad Boy Leroy Brown
12. Dynomite
13. 2 Cool 4 School

Fletchanator's comment: Another one-album-and-gone band, Dirty Blonde were from LA and played the kind of music you'd expect from Sunset Strip in the late 80s and early 90s - sleazy rock in the style of LA Guns and Ratt, but also with a more melodic streak than either of those bands. Most of the songs are good, although why they decided to remake Jim Croce's Bad Bad Leroy Brown is anyone's guess - either way, the song stinks. The song Push Comes to Shove was featured on the first House of Hairspray podcast.
Download (NEW LINK NOV 2015)