Monday, April 4, 2016

The Outfield - Play Deep (1985)

Country: England
Year: 1985
Line-up: Tony Lewis (vocals, bass), John Spinks (guitar), Alan Jackman (drums), Reg Webb (keyboards)

Track Listing:
1.  Say It Isnt So  3:47
2.  Your Love  3:36
3.  I Dont Need Her  3:51
4.  Everytime You Cry  4:29
5.  61 Seconds  4:18
6.  Mystery Man  4:04
7.  All the Love  3:32
8.  Talk to Me  3:34
9.  Taking My Chances  3:37
10.  Nervous Alibi  3:52

Fletchanator's comment: As I sit here watching the brand new Major League Baseball season (sadly not my Red Sox, their game was postponed because of snow) I figured why not share something baseball-related? Baseball and hard rock don't usually mix, but here we have a band named after a part of the baseball field, and an album by them that has a baseball-related name. I remember being shocked when I learned that The Outfield are English, because they sound so American.
I'm sure everyone is familiar with Your Love, the big hit on this release and The Outfield's one big hit in their career (it reached #6 in the US). It's a damn catchy song and the rest of this album is solid as well, good lite-AOR, power-pop. This is one of the lightest albums I have ever shared on this blog, fitting in somewhere between Mr Mister and Loverboy in terms of sound. It's good stuff though if you're into AOR and 80s rock. To borrow from the obvious theme, this isn't a home run but it's a solid line drive.

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