Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Various Artists - California Metal [1987]

Country: USA
Year: 1987

Track Listing:
1. Barren Cross - Deadlock
2. Gardian - Marching On
3. Neon Cross - I Need Your Love
4. Hero - I Surrender
5. Deliverance - A Space Called You
6. Mastedon - Wasn't It Love
7. Gardian - Spiritual Warfare
8. Deliverance - Attack
9. Hero - Sing It Out
10. Neon Cross - Son of God

Fletchanator's comment: Now, I'm not a Christian, and this is Christian rock. But if you look past the lyrics and inspiration for the music, you'll get good ol' 80s hard rock. The sound varies from NWOBHM-esque to keyboard-oriented AOR, but most of it is in the guitar-driven hard rock range. This compilation was the first of five put out by Regency Records.


Skyangelus said...

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Dave said...

I Look For this a long time thanks

daddy-o said...

Thanks for this one. The Mastedon with John Elefante is great.