Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wicked Lester - The Original Wicked Lester Session [1972]

Country: USA
Year: 1972
Line-up: Stanley Eisen (vocals), Steve Coronel (guitar), Gene Klein (bass), Tony Zerella (drums), Brooke Ostlander (keyboards)

1. What Happens in the Darkness
2. She
3. Sweet Ophelia
4. When the Bell Rings
5. Simple Type
6. Love Her All I Can
7. Keep Me Waiting
8. We Want To (Shout It Out Loud)
9. Long, Long Road

Fletchanator's comment: Yesterday I uploaded a taste of Pantera before they were big, and now it's KISS before they were KISS. Well, half of the original KISS anyway, and the guys who've kept the band going all these years. Stanley Eisen became Paul Stanley, and Gene Klein became Gene Simmons. This is a bootleg, not an official album, since none was ever released by Wicked Lester. The sound is raw and even more simplistic than the subsequent KISS material, but is a must have for any fans of the make up-wearing glam legends.


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Jeffrey Collins: Painter said...

This is INSANE. I just listened to SHE and it sounds like a folk rock band...not KISS.

andy peal said...

thank you