Thursday, September 1, 2016

50SHR #39: Blindside Thunder (Rhode Island)


Band: Blindside Thunder
Release: 100 Proof
Year: 2015
Line-up: John E Wilde (vocals, rhythm guitar), Mike "Gunslinger" Green (lead guitar), Double D (bass), Andy K (drums).

Track Listing:
1 Rock N Roll Junkie  04:37
2 Bad Reputation  03:30
3 Tequila  04:11
4 Takes My Breath Away  04:05
5 Daddy's Farm  04:58
6 Rebel Revolution  04:39
7 Human Race  04:05
8 Burn  04:37

Fletchanator's comment: For the past two years, Rhode Island-based Blindside Thunder have been nominated for Metal Act of the Year in the New England Music Awards. Despite that fact though, you shouldn't go into this album expecting to hear metal. Blindside Thunder - or BST as they refer to themselves - lie somewhere between rock and hard rock with a blues influence.
100 Proof is BST's third album and it's full of the kind of music you'd expect to hear playing in a dive bar with a line-up of Harleys parked outside. The lyrics are predictably about women (Takes My Breath Away), drinking (Tequila) or being rebellious (Rebel Revolution). Their sound is tight though and the production is good, so if you dig this kind of music I recommend checking it out.

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