Tuesday, July 19, 2016

50SHR #2: Alaska (Alaska)


Band: Alaska
Release: Heart of the Storm
Year: 1984
Line-up: Robert Hawthorn (vocals), Bernie Marsden (guitar), Brian Badhams (bass, piano), Don Airey (keyboards), John Marter (drums)

Track Listing:
1.Whiteout  3:48
2.  Don't Say It's Over  4:20
3.  Voice On The Radio  3:55
4.  Susie Blue  3:34
5.  Heart Of The Storm  5:25
6.  Need Your Love  4:17
7.  Can't Let Go  3:45
8.  Other Side Of Midnight  4:25
9.  Headlines  3:48
10.  The Socerer  6:02
11.  Coupe De Ville Bonus Track- Demo  3:17
12.  Coming Down On You Bonus Track  3:29
13.  Whiteout Bonus Track- Instrumental  4:18

Fletchanator's comment: I can already hear the howls of protest - "Alaska aren't actually from Alaska! In fact, they're not even from America!". It's true, this is an English band, but I failed to find a hard rock band from the state of Alaska, so I'm cheating by instead using the band named after the state. If you know of any Alaska-based hard rock/glam metal bands, please let me know!
Alaska was formed by ex-Whitesnake guitarist Bernie Marsden (who co-wrote their biggest ever hit, Here I Go Again) and put out two albums, this one and the following year's The Pack. Aside from Marsden, this band was notable for including keyboardist Don Airey of Deep Purple, Rainbow, Ozzy Osbourne etc.
In terms of sound, Alaska play keyboard-heavy AOR. Marsden gets the chance to show off his bluesy riffs throughout, but the keyboards are prominent. Robert Hawthorn's voice is like a mix between Bryan Adams and Rod Stewart. I prefer Marsden's work in heavier bands, but if keyboard-oriented AOR in the style of Angel, Boston and Asia is your bag, you'll dig this.

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maulars said...

Well, what about Pandemonium? Those guys were not part of the hard rock/hair sleazy scene but their debut album is quite soft and melodic "Heavy Metal Soldiers"