Sunday, August 28, 2016

50SHR #36: Erotic Suicide (Oklahoma)


Band: Erotic Suicide
Release: Abusement Park
Year: 1993
Line-up: Rachal Rose (vocals), Kyle St Clair (guitars), Stephan Lauren (guitars), Leslie Kane Blak (bass), DD Rose (drums).

Track Listing:
1. Babylon  
2.  Can't Remember Goin' Down  
3.  Comes Around Goes Around  
4.  Mean Sex Machine  
5.  You're So Cool  
6.  Ties Me Up  
7.  You Get What You Pay For  
8.  Wait a Minute  
9.  Sweet Summer Nights   

Fletchanator's comment: Erotic Suicide are a prime example of a talented band who came along too late in the piece to get any real success. By 1993, when this debut album came out, the writing was already on the wall for their brand of sleazy glam hard rock. They did release a second album in 1998 and I've heard they were recently working on new material, but Oklahoma City's Erotic Suicide are largely a footnote in hard rock history.
It's a shame because like I said, they are talented. Their sound is straight up Sunset Strip sleaze, mixing the likes of Poison, Faster Pussycat and Motley Crue. It's fast, it's full of attitude and singer Rachal Rose has that sleazy rasp to his voice. Definitely recommended for fans of the aforementioned bands and all other LA sleaze metal.

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