Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Transit - Dirty Pleasures [1989]

Country: Switzerland
Year: 1989
Line up: Oliver Fehr (vocals), Rene Baiker (guitar), Louis Kasper (bass), John Bayler (drums)

Track Listing
1. Go To The Party
2. Running Out Of Bad Times
3. Alright
4. You Can't Stop The Fire
5. Daughter Of The Moon
6. Bad Boy
7. Heartbreaker
8. Rock It
9. Take Your Love
10. Cry For Attention
11. Wild Love
12. Good Emotions

Fletchanator's comment: This is a great slice of party rock, in the vein of Poison and Warrant, with lots of harmonising and a real party attitude. It's great fun - turn it up loud!

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micksguitar said...

great stuff as always. thanx mick.

Anonymous said...

Muchas Gracias.. Thanks a Lot.. from Colombia.. desde Cali, Colombia..

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