Thursday, February 4, 2016

Axatak - Axatak EP (1985)

Country: Australia
Year: 1985
Line-up: John McCulloch (vocals, guitars), Pete Denero (vocals, guitars), Andy Zouman (vocals, bass), Don Hailes (drums)

Track Listing:
1.  Shock Rock 3:37
2.  You  3:44
3.  Let the Beast Run Wild 3:43
4.  Live Out Your Dreams  4:38
5.  Night Fighter  4:26

Fletchanator's comment: Axatak were formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1983, out of one of that city's first Kiss cover bands, Kiss Klones. Hearing this five-track EP it's easy to see that connection, as they do sound a lot like Kiss in places, mixed with early Motley Crue. So essentially you get straight-forward song-writing ala Kiss and a smidgen of the sleaze and underground sound of Too Fast For Love/Shout At the Devil-era Crue. The result isn't anything that's going to blow your socks off, but it's solid stuff and this album is damn near impossible to get hold of (not released on CD as far as I know, and vinyl copies go for $100+ on eBay).


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