Monday, February 8, 2016

Vyper - Prepared to Strike (1984)

Country: USA
Year: 1984
Line-up: Christy Black (vocals), Robbie Saint (guitars), Jacky Foxx (guitars), Rik Brock (bass), Michael Scott (drums).

Track Listing:
1.  I'm Not Waiting  
2.  Cold As A Stone  
3.  Diamonds  
4.  Nighttime Is Wild  
5.  Runnin' With The Pack  
6.  Can't Stop Dreamin'  
7.  Dealer  
8.  Climbing Up The Walls  
9.  Drivin' Me Insane  
10.  She's Nasty  

Fletchanator's comment: The only full-length album by Kansas City, Missouri band Vyper, who also released a four-track EP a year later in 1985. Originally put out in 1984 by Greenworld/Kondor Records, this was re-released by Retrospect Records in 2005 (with the four EP tracks tacked on the end). Even the rerelease goes for some hefty money - last time I looked it was going for $50+ on eBay.
Apparently Vyper suffered from the familiar situation of their record label going tits-up and later in the band's life there was two versions of Vyper touring, ala LA Guns, Ratt and so many other hard rock bands in recent years.
In terms of sound, this one bounces between AOR-edged hard rock and NWOBHM-influenced melodic metal. You can definitely hear a Judas Priest influence on the song Dealer, and for the most part the guitar sound is heavier than you would usually hear on AOR/hard rock.
Other songs have a definite Ratt or WASP sound to them, although singer Christy Black doesn't attempt anything close to Stephen Pearcy's or Blackie Lawless's rasp, sticking to straight-forward singing. Some of the lyrics are a bit too simple ("Nighttime is wild so don’t bring your child to the park" as a chorus for example), but this is good, rare stuff - if you like your Sunset Strip glam rock to have a heavier edge to it you'll enjoy this.


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