Thursday, November 26, 2015

Atomik Cocktail - Metal Rages On (1991)

Country: USA
Year: 1991
Line-up: Todd Plant (vocals), Bruce Batten (guitars), Jim Williams (bass), Russ Hammock (drums)

Track Listing:
1.  Times Square  3:43
2.  Foreplay  0:55
3.  Passion Attack  4:49
4.  War Zone  3:47
5.  Metal Rages On  5:27
6.  Road Warrior  3:22
7.  Hard as Nails  5:59
8.  Cutthroat  3:05
9.  First Born  4:41
10.  Don't Lock Me Out  3:28

Fletchanator's comment: The one and only album released by this Florida-based band, which rose out of the ashes of Brat (in which both Batten and Hammock featured). Todd Plant subsequently sang for bands like Eye Witness and Millenium, so if you know those bands you know that he's got a great voice. This one is towards the traditional heavy metal or even power metal end of the spectrum (with song names like War Zone, Road Warrior and Hard as Nails) but also crosses into more melodic territory on songs like Foreplay and Passion Attack. Killer guitar licks, excellent singing, tight musicianship - Atomik Cocktail are great and definitely worth checking out for any fans of melodic heavy metal (ala Riot or Shok Paris). This was re-released by Retrospect Records a few years back but is OOP.


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Geno Cuddy said...

This album and the band were later released as Cutthroat.