Sunday, November 29, 2015

Physical media collection update #1

I've decided it might be quite cool to post pictures of any new physical media I add to my hard rock/aor/metal music collection. So with that in mind, here's the first such update.

This vinyl lot I got in one day of digging at a record store. Most are from the discount bins, averaging $3 each. A couple were a bit more expensive.

Photo #1:

Joey Tafolla - Out of the Sun (1986)
- Solo album by ex-Jag Panzer guitarist. Instrumental shredding. BLIND BUY.

Raven - Stay Hard (1985)
- Raven's Atlantic debut. The first by this band I have owned on vinyl.

Roughhouse - Roughhouse (1988)
- STILL SEALED, NEVER BEEN OPENED! You can find this album here:

 Heavy Metal Heroes vol 2 (1982)
- Compilation put out by Heavy Metal Records featuring a mix of NWOBHM, hard rock and prog rock bands like Lionheart, Twisted Ace, Persian Risk, Witchfinder General, Mendes Prey and Overkill.

Triumph - Allied Forces (1981)
- Filling a gap in my Triumph vinyl collection.

Myofist - Thunder in Rock (1981)
- BLIND BUY. Canadian metal band apparently also known as Fist.

Helix - Walkin' the Razor's Edge (1984)
- Fourth album by the Canadian hard rockers and coincidentally the fourth I now I own on vinyl.

Thunder - Back Street Symphony (1990)
- Picture disc, 12" single.

Little Angels - Don't Prey for Me (1989)
- Major label debut by UK hard rockers and one I have owned on cassette tape since its release.

Photo #2:

Shooting Star - Shooting Star (1979)
- US AOR/rock band's debut.

Shooting Star - III Wishes (1982)
- Their third album. I also picked up their second album, Hang On For Your Life, on vinyl recently.

Jerusalem - Live in USA (1985)
- Live album by Swedish Christian hard rockers.

John Waite - Mask of Smiles (1985)
- Third solo album by The Babys/Bad English frontman.

John Waite - Ignition (1982)
- His debut solo album. This is the 1985 repressing with new artwork (released to cash in on the success in 1984 of his album No Brakes and its hit single Missing You). I also own the 1982 pressing with the original artwork.

Lee Aaron - Bodyrock (1989)
- Fifth album from the first lady of Canadian hard rock/metal and the first by her I have owned on vinyl.

Pat Benatar - Live From Earth (1983)
- Her first live album, plugging a gap in my collection. I now own her first six releases on vinyl.

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