Friday, November 27, 2015

Dr Sin - Dr Sin (1993)

Country: Brazil
Year: 1993
Line-up: Andria Busic (vocals, bass), Eduardo Ardanuy (guitars), Ivan Busic (drums)

Track Listing:
1.  Emotional Catastrophe  
2.  Dirty Woman  
3.  Stone Cold Dead  
4.  Howlin'In The Shadows  
5.  The Fire Burns Cold  
6.  You Stole My Heart  
7.  Dr. Sin  
8.  Valley Of Dreams  
9.  Have You Ever Seen The Rain  
10.  Lonely World  
11.  Through My Window  
12.  Scream & Shout  

Fletchanator's comment: Mention Brazil and metal and you're likely to think of Sepultura and heavier bands like that, but the South American land is also home to one of the best hard rock bands of all time! Dr Sin have put out at least 13 albums (the latest in 2015), and this is the one that started it all for them. The Busic brothers and guitarist Ardanuy (who shreds bigtime) produce a polished, rocking sound that puts them in the same class as better-known bands like Danger Danger, Black 'n Blue and Baton Rouge. They also have the pre-requisite ballads (You Stole My Heart, Through My Window), and put their own spin on CCR's classic Have You Ever Seen the Rain.
Due to copyright problems, the band re-recorded this album in 2009 and called it Original Sin, but this is the...uh... original version (with very Whitesnake-inspired cover art). Recommended listening!


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