Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Madam X - We Reserve the Right (1984)

Country: USA
Year: 1984
Line-up: Bret Kaiser (vocals), Maxine Petrucci (guitars), Chris Doliber (bass), Roxy Petrucci (drums)

Track listing:
1. High in High School (3:36)
2. Come One, Come All (3:06)
3. She's Hot Tonight (3:18)
4. Dirty Girls (2:56)
5. Max Volume (1:35)
6. Metal in My Veins (2:46)
7. Reserve the Right to Rock (3:12)
8. Good With Figures (3:44)
9. Cat's Got Your Tongue (3:33)
10. We Want Rock (2:56)
11. Stand Up and Fight (3:40)

Fletchanator's comment: There were plenty of glam metal bands with female lead singers, but it was far more rare to find one with a male lead singer and a female lead guitarist. Well, Madam X had that, as well as a female drummer and male bassist! And on top of that, they seriously rock!
The name Madam X is mainly known in hard rock circles as the band that Sebastian Bach was in immediately prior to joining Skid Row (they didn't release an album with that line-up), but before that Bret Kaiser was the front man, sounding a lot like a glammier version of Rob Halford. Today he's an Elvis impersonator and reunited with this line-up of Madam X in 2014 for a reunion concert and new single.
The female portion of Madam X is made up of the smoking-hot Petrucci sisters. Maxine went on to form her own band, Maxine, while Roxy gained the most fame of the four, forming the all-girl glam metal band Vixen.
Madam X is excellent glammy party rock in the style of early Motley Crue and Quiet Riot. Highly recommended!


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