Monday, December 21, 2015

Maximum - Just for Kicks (1989)

Country: USA
Year: 1989
Line-up: Jim Gray (vocals), Danny Kopko (guitars), Craig Lapointe (bass), John Blout (drums)

Track listing:
1.  Just for Kicks  
2.  Strictly Sexual  
3.  Candie Sweet  
4.  Lil' Liar  
5.  Dancer  
6.  Pennies from Heaven  
7.  Live It Up  
8.  Missing You  
9.  One More Shot  
10.  Here Come Those Tears  
11.  Baby Stay  
12.  Skin to Skin  
13.  Mistake  
14.  Paint Me a Picture
Fletchanator's comment: Maximum might have been from New England (Boston to be precise) but their sound was pure LA Sunset Strip sleaze. Unfortunately this, their only album, was shelved when their label, Enigma, went bankrupt, waiting until 2002 to be released on CD by German label Sunset Records. It's a shame, because this is great stuff - rocking song after glam-infused song. Recommended for fans of bands like Pretty Boy Floyd and early Poison.


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