Wednesday, January 13, 2016

EZ Livin - After the Fire (1991)

Country: Germany
Year: 1991
Line-up: Peter Henrics (vocals), Hans Ziller (guitars), Hermann Brauer (bass), Jurgen Wiehler (drums)

Track listing:

1.  Die 4 Rock  4:06
2.  Body Talk  3:40
3.  Too Late for Paradise  4:57
4.  Ez Livin'  3:39
5.  See the Tears  4:43
6.  After the Fire  4:35
7.  Rockin' Into the Night  3:31
8.  Taste My Sweet Love  3:26
9.  Too Hot to Handle  3:33
10.  Take Me   4:00
11.  Hold On  4:02

Fletchanator's comment: After he was fired from Bonfire in 1989, lead guitarist Hans Ziller created EZ Livin. Ironically Bonfire vocalist Claus Lessmann was originally planned to be the singer for EZ Livin (while remaining in Bonfire) but record company inteference stopped that. Lessmann and Ziller would reunite in the band EX in 1995, then in Bonfire in 1995. This was the only EZ Livin album until 2014's Firestorm.
Due to Ziller's stellar guitaring, this EZ Livin album ("After the Fire", get it?) naturally sounds a lot like Fireworks/Point Blank-era Bonfire, but with a harder, melodic metal edge. Henrics' voice is also higher-pitched and more raw than Lessman, but good in its own right. This is much better than the Ziller-less Bonfire album that came out the same year, Knock Out!


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