Monday, January 4, 2016

Treat - Scratch and Bite (1985)

Country: Sweden
Year: 1985
Line-up: Robert Ernlund (vocals), Anders Wikstrom (guitars), Joe Larson (bass), Jamie Borger (drums), Patrick Appelgren (keyboards)

Track listing:
1.  Changes  
2.  Scratch and Bite  
3.  Get You on the Run  
4.  Hidin'  
5.  Too Wild  
6.  We Are One  
7.  No Room for Strangers  
8.  You Got Me  
9.  Run With the Fire  

Fletchanator's comment: Along with their more famous compatriots, Europe, Treat were among the best of Sweden's late 80s hard rock/AOR acts, releasing six albums between 1985 and 1992. This is their debut and while it's not their best album it's a pretty good mix of keyboard-laced AOR and rockier tunes. It's easy to compare them with Europe, but there's also elements of early Bon Jovi and Def Leppard. The songwriting isn't the strongest but if you like keyboards and gang vocals this will be right up your alley.


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