Saturday, March 12, 2016

Pretty Boy Floyd (CAN) - Bullets & Lipstik (1989)

Country: Canada
Year: 1989
Line-up: Tommy Floyd (vocals), Pete Parker (guitars), Steve Bratz (bass), Sandy Hazard (drums)

Track Listing:
1.  Welcome to the Show   
2.  Four for the Road  
3.  Somewhere (over that rainbow)  
4.  Proud to be Loud  
5.  Raggedy Ann  
6.  Moonshine Daze  
7.  This Gun's for Hire  
8.  Another I.O.U  
9.  Down on the Floor  
10.  Bullets and Lipstik  

Fletchanator's comment: Not to be confused with the more well-known American band of the same name, this Pretty Boy Floyd was from Vancouver, Canada and only released this one album. As the story goes, a legal battle ensued between this PBF and the LA-based outfit - obviously the American band won and this band changed their name to Tommy Floyd but ultimately didn't reach the levels of fame of their namesakes.
While today they might just be a footnote in hard rock history, this Pretty Boy Floyd are actually really good. They sound a bit like a poor man's Kix, and that's not an insult because I'm one of the biggest fans of Kix going around. Tommy Floyd definitely sounds like Kix frontman Steve Whiteman, and while the guitaring isn't on the same level as Ronnie Younkins and Steve Forsythe, the overall sound is damn good. Turn it up and rock on!


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